【HongKong News】The Ant Group will have the listing hearing as early as next week before its listing in HongKong

Translator: Xiaoshuye; Reviewer: Wencheng

The Ant Group will have the listing hearing as early as next week before its listing in HongKong.  The letter from CPDC points out that seven risks of the Ant’s listing are not revealed. The Ant, the parent company of Alipay plotted in July to be listed in HongKong with weighted voting rights, planning to stage IPOs of its A and H stocks simultaneously. The raised fund will be devoted to developing its digital service, technological innovation and research. A foreign report quoted from an insider, “As the biggest unicorn in the world, the target value of the Ant can reach at least 200 billion US dollars (approximately 1.56 trillion HongKong dollars). Thus, the Ant is very likely to become the biggest IPO in the world.” Rumor has it that  the Ant Group will have its listing hearing at HongKong Stock Exchange as early as next week.

On September 14,  American Eastern Time, the American Committee on the Present Danger (CPDC) wrote a public letter to the HongKong Stock Exchange,President Trump, US Securities Regulatory Commission and four investment banks in Wall Street. The Chairman of the Committee points out in the letter that the Ant Group, previously called the Ant Financial, is actually controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. He calls on the American investors not to invest in the Ant Group, which is to be listed in HongKong. He also suggests putting off the IPO (initial public offerings) of the Ant Group to make sure that the risks involved in its listing can be revealed and assessed. He mentions that this is a moment to really test the American government and its main investment banks because support for the Ant Group symbolizes the approval of destroying the freedom of HongKong. The investment banks and investors should put the safety of America prior to their short-term interests. 

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7 months ago

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The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
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