Rip off CCP’s mask: CCP using the pandemic to rob its people

Under the pandemic , all governments are doing their best to help their people . Rich countries like USA ,Japan , reducing the tax and giving compensations to the companies , also offer cash to the people . Undeveloped country like India , gives its people free rice . But ,only CCP’s China , the so called No.2 richest country in the world, instead of helping its people, they are taking the chance and rob the people !

Firstly ,let’s see what happened to the mask price :

The Wuhan city has been lockdown from 23rd Jan 2020, and the mobile phone assembler – FOXCONN company ( longhuayuan industry park facility ) , start making masks from 5th Feb 2020. And the car maker- BYD company started making masks from 17th Feb 2020. Also, the air conditioner maker-GREE company  and Meidi company started making masks …..

( )

(the above screen shot captured  from : The main idea is that : FOXCONN and BYD start making masks as mentioned in above )

The CCP’s China , has millions of professional mask manufacturers ,why just don’t support them to increase the capacity ? It is the most simple and efficient way to increase the supply ! why ask those phone maker , air conditioner maker and new energy car maker to make the masks ?

We all knows that in CCP’s China, each single company has a  business licence , it limits the business you are dealing with . If the car makers want to make mask, you have to apply the new business to the government and get approved first . The procedure takes time ! Besides ,you have to purchase new facilities , and also you need to make arrangement for the workshop, production lines, recruiting new workers and training them….all the works takes times. And making the Covid-19 proof mask need imported machines and very strict workshop also , therefore,  it also will take more time for the the government to evaluate the new facilities and go through the procedure .

But, in fact, all those new mills started to sell the masks in a very short time after the Wuhan city been lockdown . How can they do that ? They must prepared all the necessary issues very early ! But ,how can they know that there will be huge demand for the mask in Feb 2020? Or the government must take very special care of them ,and proved their new business licence very very fast . But WHY ?

And they making the selling price for those masks from 3 RMB (normal mask ) up to 5 RMB (Covid-19 proof ) per pc . It is 10 more times than the price before . Why the government don’t punish them for forcing up the price ?

On the other hand, some civilian noticed the business chance for the mask, and they try to sell the mask personally , but been put in jail by government !

(the above screen shot captured from It says that many people been sentenced to jail due to selling mask personally )

So, why the CCP forbid the people selling mask personally, but on the other hand, they give huge support to those air conditioner maker, car maker to make mask and sell top sky high price ?

The answer is quiet simple : the real boss for those companies are those CCP families . They are robbing its people for them .

     Secondly, let’s see what happened to the herb (shuang huang lian )


(The above 2 screen shots captured from They says :the joint statement of the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Bureau and Wuhan Virus Institute says the Chinese herb –shuang huang lian is helpful to the Covid -19 treatment )

This news widely spread by the TV or web , people learned this news, and believed . And all people took every chance to buy it .

Why the CCP says nothing about the HCQ , but they making all efforts to advertising the herb-shuang huang lian ? you know, all factories ,no matter making western medicine or chinese herb medicine  , no single Chinese private entrepreneur can touch it . All those factories belong to the CCP families . So , now, you know, again, those factories are taking the chance to rob Chinese people for their bosses .

Now, let’s take a look at the price of international air ticket to China .

According to the CCP’s propaganda ,the pandemic overseas are critical, but the virus in China is completely under control . So the CCP china is much more safer than overseas . If so, any government with the sense of responsibility to its people, should do their best to pick the people back from overseas . They should arrange more flights, and considering that many people may have financial problems due to the pandemic , they should maintain the ticket price, even lower the ticket price by compensating to the airlines, so all people can afford the ticket and back to home .But  the fact is :

 The Civil Aviation Authority issued another policy on 26th march 2020 , the policy instructed that each airline should maintain only one flight weekly from each country to China . And each flight should not exceed 75% of its capacity .

(Souce :

After this policy , the flights from overseas to china, been significantly reduced .

So ,the CCP’s intention, is not increasing the flight, but reducing the flight .

But why ?


(this screen shot captured from: It says : from data shows that in one week, the ticket from USA to china increased 136.8%, and from European to china increased 173.5% )


(this screen shot captured from: It says that the HNA ticket from London to shanghai increased to 180000 RMB , totally 40 tickets ,been booked immediately . )

 Wang Qi Shan family owns the HNA company, all people knows from Mr.Miles Guo’s broadcast .

So, the answer to Why they reducing the flights is quite obvious . The CCP want to forcing the ticket price up .

The CCP’s propaganda and its agent overseas, making people believe that : overseas are dangerous, and CCP china is safe .So as long as you want to go back, you have to pay the unreasonable price, no other option. Furthermore, the CCP knows very well that those people who want to come back, mostly from rich family . So the airlines are taking the chance to forcing up the ticket , rob the Chinese people again for their owners .

And ,at the end, let’s see what happened to the food issue when the city been lock  down


(the screen shot captured from : It says during the lockdown , those food market been shut down and only few merchants can supply the food to the people, but the price is many many times more than before lock  down)


(the screen shot captured from It says that during the lockdown of Ruili city ,Yun Nan province ,the pork price up to 100 RMB per half kg . about 4 times more than before )

In CCP china, once the city , or the residency community has been lockdown,all people are forbidden leaving the house or the community . The food markets will be closed, and the food must been delivered to the people through a third party company and the third party offers extremely high price  . The people have no chance to buy through their own channel. But why the government don’t punish those third party companies by forcing up the food price ? Because they own those third party companies ! So, the same reason , they are taking this chance to rob the people !

     The CCP gangster group, released the virus to its own people ,and using them as carriers to spread the virus to the whole world , to harm the whole world. And also they use the virus to control its own people and taking the chance and created so many evil ideas to rob the Chinese people .

     What kind of government will do such things to its own people ? if the Chinese people know the truth, they will tear off the CCP immediately !

    Take down the CCP !

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