Non-Permanent Judge James Spigelman Resigned Amid National Security Law Gloom, Will British Judge Stop Working for Court of Final Appeal of Hong Kong?

Translator:Joyce123123; Reviewer: Wencheng

James Spigelman resigns as a non-permanent judge. British politics calls for a review of whether British judges should be allowed to work for Court of Final Appeal of HK。

The overseas non-permanent judge of the HK Court of Final Appeal, James Spigelman, resigned on Sept 2, mainly due to the new national security laws, according to him. The UK is reviewing the arrangements for the continued appointments of judges to the HK Court of Final Appeal.

The former leader of the British Conservative Party, Iain Duncan Smith, argued that the incident reflected decent people were exposed into intolerable structures under the glooms of Beijing and the national security laws.

In July this year, the UK Supreme Court indicated that it was working with the UK government to assess the work of the UK judges at the HK Court of Final Appeal. Robert Reed, the Resident of the UK Supreme Court and a non-permanent judge of the HK Court of Final Appeal, said that the national security laws had raised concerns and its impacts would have to be tested in practice. However, whether the UK Supreme Court will uphold the agreement and continue to appoint two judges to the Court of Final Appeal will depend on whether HK can maintain judicial independence and the rule of law.


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7 months ago

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