Self-healing CCP-virus withstands needle poking & high temperature

The deadly CCP-virus is very hard to kill. A group of Hungarian researchers has discovered that the virus does not burst like a balloon if it is poked hundreds of times with a tiny needle. In addition, it withstands high temperature and also has self-healing ability.

The CCP-virus (SARS-CoV-2) is only about 80 nanometers wide, and the needle is much smaller than that. Scientists poked it with a needle from top to bottom. After the needle squeezed the virus, the virus immediately returned to its original state as soon as the needle was removed. It may be the most resilient virus ever known.

Researchers poked it back and forth hundreds of times, but the virus particles were almost unscathed. The research team led by Dr. Miklos Kellermayer from Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary said that the CCP virus particles are surprisingly resilient, and they have published their research finding on

Kellermayer’s team pointed out that the overall structure and internals do not seem to be affected although the CCP virus is constantly being deformed by needle sticks. And this may be due to its mechanical and self-healing characteristics, so it can ensure that it can adapt to various environments.

On the other hand, French scientists discovered in April that the CCP virus can replicate in animal cells after being exposed to a temperature of 60°C for an hour. The summer outbreak of the virus in some countries in the northern hemisphere shows that the high temperature does not slow down the pandemic as originally expected. Kellermayer’s team found that they heated the CCP virus particles to 90˚celcius for 10 minutes, but surprisingly, only part of the spike protein fell off, but the overall structure was still intact.

In fact, the unique structure of the CCP virus often surprises scientists. For example, the research team at Tsinghua University in Beijing published the most detailed report on the structure of the CCP virus in the academic journal Cell this week. They found that it can accumulate a large number of nucleic acid ribbons, and these nucleic acid ribbons can bring genetic data into a very tight cell membrane, but will not twist the two together.

Although viruses usually become very fragile after it leaves the host, some studies have shown that the CCP virus can survive on the surface such as cupboards for several days. Scientists are puzzled and cannot explain how it overcomes environmental interference and shows such “tenacious vitality”.

These unnatural features of the virus could be linked to its unnatural origin as revealed by Dr. Li-Meng Yan. According to the intelligence gathered by Miles Guo, the Chinese Communis Party has launched a program to destroy the US with biochemical weapons.

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2 months ago

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The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
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