[Hong Kong News] [Comrades Comments] Zhuang, Ding Xian promoted to Assistant Commissioner in charge of Marine Police ; Luo, Guancong bombarded “”in a disguised form to encourage them to continue committing crimes.”

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(Special report from the independent media) As the commander-in-chief of the Speed Dragon Squad in the anti-transmission movement, the British Chief Superintendent Zhuang, Dingxian was recently promoted to become the Assistant Director of the Police Department, in charge of the Marine Police Division.

Luo, Guancong former member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, bombarded “in a disguised form to encourage them to continue committing crimes.” accusation to the independent media, he was very disappointed that “the criminal police in Hong Kong” was promoted. And revealed that intensive expansion in the UK on private prosecution of British Hong Kong police.

Luo, Guancong who has been in exile in the United Kingdom with Luke de Pulford, a member of the British Conservative Party’s Human Rights Committee, planned to sue the British Hong Kong senior police officers for human rights violations.

Crowdfunding reached the target at the beginning of this month, and a total of 4,540 people donated about 200,000 pounds (about 2.07 million Hong Kong dollars). Luo, Guancong said that related legal actions will be carried out, hoping that the “Hong Kong dark police ” will get some degree of punishment by the British judicial system. 

Comrades Comments: [Grace]

Zhuang, Dingxian appeared on the scene of the anti-transmission campaign many times last year. The special tactical team he led, commonly known as the Speed Dragon team, has been questioned in its operation methods, including shooting at a close range of 1 meter in Taikoo Station on August 11 last year, and On August 31, he entered in the carriage at Prince Edward Station and arrested the protester also he refused to let the first aid Inbound.

A British national, willing to become the Hong Kong communist government’s thugs, spared no effort to participate in the leadership of last year’s violent crackdown on the anti-transmision, so brutal, after getting the master’s appreciation and promotion, is simply the emperor’s grace, will not resign from death, for the Chinese Communist Party to give dog food, the moral bottom line of human beings are no longer exist.

Sadly, he grew up in a British-educated country with democracy and freedom of worship, where he had to break his back for five pecks of rice. The Hong Kong police were smashed in the name of the police, in exchange for the notorious “Public Security and National Security”. This can be said to be a dark moment for Hong Kong.

But Hong Kong’s hope is that young people who have been suppressed by the Communist Party in Hong Kong for defending democracy, freedom and the rule of law in Hong Kong.

Now at the international level, I believe that no matter how much the CCP suppresses the people of Hong Kong.

In the end, Hong Kong will definitely win because evil cannot overcome good.

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Source: Independent Media / Position News


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take down ccp, it is evil

7 months ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !