Secretary of Education Yeung Yun-hung says the decision to delete “separation of powers” and a large amount of politically sensitive content from liberal studies textbooks is spontaneous

Translator: Pure Heart-Yuan; Reviewer: Wencheng

On September 17, the Secretary for Education Yeung Yun-hung was interviewed on TV to respond to the social controversy caused by the deletion of a large amount of politically sensitive materials from the revised version of the Liberal Studies textbook, including the June 4 “Tank Man”, the Umbrella Movement and the “separation of powers”, etc.

The decision to delete these politically sensitive subjects was an autonomous decision by the Education Bureau, Yeung Yun-hung stressed. He also said that he has faced the most pressure from legislators, society and opinion leaders since he took office. He also said the central government respects Hong Kong’s decisions on education and stressed that under the Basic Law, Hong Kong makes its own education policies.

Combatant comments: [Wen Yue]

What a “spontaneous decision”! For more than 20 years, the Chinese Communist Party has been cheating Hong Kong of its sovereignty, using deception, hoodwinking, and intimidation as well as threats. It has succeeded in turning the Hong Kong elite, who were brought up under the Western democratic system, into obedient lackeys. The “spontaneous” and despicable responders are devoid of conscience , pitiful and deplorable.

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Source: Position News

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1 month ago

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Sep. 18