Food shortage? Farmers forced to plant rice instead of fruits & vegetables

Natural disasters have occurred frequently in China this year. It has been attacked by pandemic, floods, and locusts. To make the matter worse, the Chinese Communist Party also reduced the food imports from the US to hurt the US farmers. The food crisis has become the main concern in China, even though the Chinese government is downplaying the severity.

There was an official announcement on the Internet about “returning fruits to grain” and “returning forests to farmland”. Chinese farmers in some regions were forced to plant rice to replace perennial cash crops or other agricultural and fishery products.

Some farmers cried out that the fruit trees they were about to harvest were eradicated overnight by officials. They also saw farmers who refused to follow the official orders being threatened by people with sticks.

The Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping is waging a war against “Food Waste” in the face of severe floods and CCP-US confrontations. People are increasingly worried about the possibility of a food crisis in China.

More and more farmers have confirmed that the Chinese government is using harsh measures to force them to grow food crops. For example, the government of Shilai Town, Xintai City in Shandong Province, required farmers in each village to plant food instead of trees in the next five years. Subsequently, the Shilai Township government sent people to forcibly cut all the newly planted poplar trees in Zuojiagou Village overnight.

The farmers dared not to speak up because China’s farmland is owned by the state. The farmers only have the right to contract and plant. Therefore, the government has the right to withdraw the contracting rights and management rights if the farmers do not obey the instructions, making it impossible for farmers to make a living.

Among the farmers, the most miserable ones are fruit farmers and vegetable farmers, who said that the government completely destroyed the fruit trees and vegetables in their village and planted rice overnight. The government even sent hooligans to threaten farmers with sticks forcing them to eradicate fruit trees and vegetables themselves.

Another old farmer lamented that he changed to planting fruit trees because he was too old to plant rice. But now the government has issued an order forcing these old people, who are already unable to farm, to plant rice again, otherwise the land will be confiscated. The peasants said that “the government never tells us the truth. Anyway, it is the common people who suffer in China.”

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take down ccp, it is evil

1 month ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
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