Tam Tak-chi was charged for nine crimes including seditious comments. He will remain in custody because the Supreme Court again denied his request for bail

Translator: Billwilliam; Reviewer: Wencheng

Tam Tak-chi, Vice President of People Force, was previously arrested by plainclothes agents from the National Security Office. They accused him of making seditious remarks such as “Don’t meet people on July 21” and “death to the illegal police” from March to July. He was accused of making seditious comments that elicited contempt against the HK government or encouraged others to disobey orders.

Tam was charged for five accounts of seditious comments and one account of disrupting order in public places. He was also charged for inciting others to participate in unauthorized gatherings, sedition, and disruptive behavior in public places.  He was charged for nine crimes in total.

Last week during a questioning in the court, Judge Su Wenlong of the Fenling Court rejected Tam’s request for bail. Today on the 17th, Tam again applied for bail at the Supreme Court. Judge Pan Minqi denied his bail request.

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