Threatened by Hong Kong’s National Security Law, German think tanks evacuated Hong Kong

Translator:Qiwang Mingtian Hui Genghao; Reviewer: Wencheng

Forced by National Security Law, German think tanks withdraw Hong Kong office.

After the Chinese Communist Party enforced the National Security Law in Hong Kong, foreign technology and commercial organizations in Hong Kong have been moving out. Recently, the German think tank (Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit, referred to as FNF) has made the decision to close the Hong Kong office. This is the first foreign civil society organization to end its work in Hong Kong due to the National Security Law.

The Foundation believes that the Chinese Government often targets foreign organizations and civil society representatives and that the current national security law in Hong Kong aims to prevent Hong Kong from cooperating with foreign or foreign organizations or individuals.

The chairman of the foundation ( Karl-Heinz Paqué) said that it is “very regrettable” to close the office, but the atmosphere of fear and constant threats escalates in Hong Kong

Original link: Kong, Macao and Taiwan/20200917-Forced by the National Security Law-German think tanks withdraw their Hong Kong office

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