CCP’s Fabricated Reality Accusing Mr. Pompeo’s Concern on the 12 HK Activists

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19 years ago on American soil a 9/11 attack dreadfully took away thousands of precious lives. Today, in the face of a meticulously-calculated incursion of an unrestricted warfare by the CCP at all distances near and far, Secretary of the United States Mr. Pompeo extended his concern on the 12 Hong Kong pro-democracy activists, who were arrested while fleeing in a speedboat to Taiwan in search of asylum. At the moment they are detained in Mainland.

Immediately the CCP through its mouthpiece Beijing Daily delivered its own fabricated reality of what Mr. Pompeo did and didn’t do on 9.11 this year: Fat Pig Pom (CCP’s nickname for Mr. Pompeo) didn’t care about 190,000 Americans who perished during the pandemic and about the fire in California. Instead he was solely concerned about the ‘12 Hong Kong Tumours’ (CCP’s addressing of the 12 Hong Kong pro-democracy activists), who committed a felony of illegal entry to mainland China, whose cases have been legally taken care of.

The CCP perversely accused Mr. Pompeo of not doing something that is from a foreign vernacular the CCP itself cannot utter – caring about its own people.

CCP’s highest pursuit is to realize Communism. In its own belief system, people are indoctrinated to have faith in the pursuit. This pursuit is deemed the only truth because the CCP claims it has a scientific foundation. The CCP blueprints an image of the Hanging Gardens where people’s submissions are demanded but people themselves are never invited in. In another word, the historical assignment of protecting human rights should have never fallen into CCP’s helm. Now the West will only be suspected for its hypocrisy in such matter if continuing in collaboration with the CCP, with the epiphany of human rights in Mainland, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet & Inner Mongolia being ruthlessly desecrated.

While the CCP argued that its handling of the 12 activists is legal according to the Law only faithful to itself, they are in fact detained in mainland city of Shenzhen, with denials of being accessed to by their families, who later were informed that CCP has appointed lawyers to tackle the cases. However, the families acquire no information on the charges against the 12.

The CCP in the report pointed finger at James To, a HK pro-democracy lawyer in the Legislative Council for his ‘deliberate twist’ of the Law. CCP frowned at his disagreement on the 12 crossing the area in Mainland, even if without any attempt to commit a crime, being illegal, and as well as his request of the 12 being transferred back to Hong Kong. If Hong Kong is part of China, then why the 12 activists have been since held only in Mainland but not Hong Kong? Wouldn’t be detaining them in Hong Kong the same as that in mainland?

The CCP declared the fleeing of the 12 an organized event without demonstrating any evidence. And in the report it went on assuming there must be 2 organizers of such fleeing. ‘Fat Pig Pom said the entire American Department of State was shocked at the case. Then the CCP’s Department of State should also come forward and say, the 2nd super power deems the case an ordinary dealing with illegal entry but the 1st said it is a severe violence of human rights? Now the 1st and 2nd super powers in the world are both shocked. Well good things come in pair, therefore let’s grant both of the aforementioned organizers the heaviest penalty in response to their crimes!’. A country’s immigration and criminal law, referred to in a news report, can be juggled like it is in a circus without any serious attentiveness. But it is a common sense that the Law of a nation is a fundamental paradigm to ensure justice and protection of human rights. But the precariousness of CCP’s hegemony in China is its overlord on humanity. Its dogma of dialectic materialism already secretly eviscerates ‘people’ out of its mechanism, instead disclosing what consolidates its demonic power and satisfies its endless greed.

The Chinese Communist Party cannot represent China and Chinese people!

Written by Joyphie [ G-Translator/Authentic Writing Team]

Proofread by Sarathecat


*Beijing Daily’s report was removed from Internet.

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CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
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