It’s been 26 days since 12 Hongkong activists were sent to mainland China. Their situation is unknown.

Translated by billwilliam; Reviewer: Wencheng

Picture by the Associated Press.

Twenty-six days have passed since 12 Hongkong activists were arrested on their way to Taiwan by the Chinese police. Mainland lawyers hired by their families were discouraged by the government from visiting the activists. The world is genuinely concerned about their wellbeing.

These 12 young Hongkongers have all participated in the Anti-Extradition protests previously. Their fate can be predicted from CCP’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying’s definition of their activities as “secession from China.”

Beijing was reportedly angry at the Hongkong government’s lack of tough actions after the National Security Law was implemented in July. So they decided to “lure” the 12 activists into the sea at any cost.

On August 23 when the incident occurred, the speedboat carrying the 12 activists stayed within a safe area, waiting for a large ship to pick them up. Unexpectedly, mainland China’s Coast Guard suddenly crossed the border to make arrests. The two sides had a confrontation at sea.

This also proves why until now, the authority still refused visits to the 12 activists by mainland lawyers hired by their families. Everyone is clear about the CCP’s evil intention. The accusation of trespassing into mainland Chinese waters is unfounded. Why did the CCP make the arrests?

During Hongkong’s Anti-Extradition Movement last year, the CCP asserted that foreign forces planned and provided monetary support to the protest. Last August, Zheng Wenjie, an employee at the British Consulate in HK, was detained in Shenzhen. Zheng was sentenced to a 15-day detention for “hiring prostitutes.” Zheng said that State Security agents told him beforehand he would be accused of armed insurrection and rioting. During the secret interrogation, he was tortured. The interrogators insulted him as “enemy of the state” and tried to force him to confess that “Britain masterminded the Anti-Extradition Movement.”

We can predict what happened to the 12 HK activists during the 26 days of detainment in mainland China. The CCP would use physical and psychological tortures to extract so-called “confessions” that foreign anti-China forces planned and funded the protests. Such “confessions” will then be used against the protests.

According to a lawyer in mainland China, China’s Criminal Prosecution Law stipulates that a suspect can be detained for a maximum of 37 days before being officially arrested. That means if the Shenzhen Yantian District Prosecutor doesn’t approve the arrests, these 12 activists will be bailed out or freed by October 1. If the arrests are approved, they will continue to be detained and are likely to be declared guilty. We wish the best for them.  

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take down ccp, it is evil

7 months ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
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