US bans ‘Made in Hong Kong’ labels, Hong Kong government asks US to rescind relevant regulations

Translator: Joyce123123; Reviewer: Wencheng

The Hong Kong government requests the United States to rescind the requirement of origin marking on goods manufactured in HK. Edward Yau, the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development of HK, said on Wednesday (Sept 16) that he asked the US Consul General in HK and Macau on the same day to convey this request to US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.

The US Customs authorities issued a notice on Aug 11, saying that from Sept 25, goods exported from HK to the US must be marked with “China” as the country of origin, and could no longer be labeled as “Made in Hong Kong”.

In response to the passage of the HK version of the national security law by the Chinese authorities, the US Government made it clear that HK “no longer has sufficient autonomy or justification” to continue to enjoy “special treatment”, that is different from that of China.

On Jul 14, President Trump signed the Hong Kong Autonomy Act, which held China accountable for its suppression on the people of HK. He also signed an executive order terminating HK’s special treatment. The US customs authorities’ notice on Aug 11 is actually a concrete implementation of the new US policies towards HK.

The US was the second-largest destination for goods manufactured in HK, accounting for 7.7% of total exports of goods in KH in 2019. During that year, HK exported $471 million worth of goods made in HK to the US, most of which were jewelry, food, electronics and appliances. However, these exports accounted for only 0.1% of HK’s total exports. China, as a long-term and the largest trading partner of the US, shipped a large portion of its annual exports to the US through HK. With the loss of HK’s trade preference status, China’s exports to the US will also suffer great losses.     

The original report was from VOA:

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