CCP article threatens the US; asks Chinese to die with CCP

After a Weibo post threatening to nuke the world, another threatening article appeared on the Chinese social media advocating to die as the “grave goods” for the Chinese Communist Party. It blames the US for kidnapping China’s money printing machine and sucking China’s bone marrow. “Three Mile Island” was mentioned in the CCP’s latest nuclear threat.

When the U.S. kidnapped China’s money printing machine and sucks China’s bone marrow, we did not correct it in time. Instead, we trusted the U.S. too much, which led to foreign invasion and rampant plunder.

Here is the English translation:

Title: We should be buried together with the country

Wu Hui

One: The Communist Party is kind to me

There are many people in this country expressing hatred of the country every day and all kinds of dissatisfaction with the Communist Party. But they don’t understand that they would not even have the opportunity to bad mouth if there were no Communist Party.

For example, some people express dissatisfaction with their parents every day. But they just forget that they would not have been born let alone resenting their parents had there been no parents.

The Communist Party has at least done three favors for us:

The favor of defending the territory. Chairman Mao created the army, founded the country, guarded this land with force, and protected it from foreign enemies. Only then can we obtain land, food, space, and habitat.

After its founding in 1949, defeating the victorious (US) army of World War II by helping Korea to resist the US invasion in 1951 has earned the country (China) respect all over the world.

Without the favor of defending the territory, the Chinese will relive the nightmares like “Allied Forces of the Eight Powers” that captured Beijing, the “denied-entry-of-Chinese-and-dogs”, and the Nanjing Massacre (in WWII).

The favor of maintaining stability. After the founding of the country, the world was stable, the people’s lives and properties were protected, and the population grew rapidly. In the 28 years of Chairman Mao’s reign, the population has grown from 400 million to 800 million. I myself was born during the time of Chairman Mao.

If there were no sovereignty, society will lose stability, bandits will be rampant, officials and bandits will collude, and the people won’t live peacefully. Without a place for reasoning, everything will be solved by killing.

We can petition or file a lawsuit if we are dissatisfied with the Communist Party. There is still a reason for it. But who do you scold without the CCP?

No, no one will be subject to your scold. Please pick up the knife directly and speak with the knife. You kill, people kill you. Kill if you refuse. How long you can live is your luck. In the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, Song Taizu’s empress lived among the commoners, and “eating human flesh was a commonplace meal.” Therefore, the population will inevitably decrease sharply during a troubled time.

The favor of keeping us alive. Survival requires food and property. The Communist Party provides “national credit”, so that we can settle down and live. Without the Communist Party, we would not be able to buy anything with all our money. Money can’t buy things, so all opportunities to make money will be lost.

You always think that the country does not give you enough. When you lose your country, no matter how much money you have, it is useless paper.

What’s wrong with the Communist Party?

If there is a problem with the Communist Party, it is too considerate of the common people. It only wants to let everyone live a good life and putting too much trust in the US. Now many of our aspects are controlled by the United States, exposing us to increasing risks.

But this is a question of comprehension, not a deliberate attempt to mess up this country. Most people do not see the limits of development, thinking cities are good and hoping to live a more luxurious life. They did not come to realize the limitations or that productions can only be sustained by resources. When the U.S. kidnapped China’s money printing machine and sucks China’s bone marrow, we did not correct it in time. Instead, we trusted the U.S. too much, which led to foreign invasion and rampant plunder.

But most of the 80 million Communist Party members are our close relatives linked by blood and flesh, and they must be supporting the country. At this time, we should especially be sober. We must have our hearts together within the country. Can’t listen to the flick of foreign (outside) enemies or follow them to hate the country.

There are hundreds of millions of people in the United States who want to live with limited resources. They want to kill us to monopolize the earth’s resources. When our country no longer exists, we have only a dead end. It is impossible for us to give up our sovereignty and get asylum from the United States.

There is an extremely evil theory, that is, we should not defend our government, and the government does not represent the country. The country will continue to exist without the government.

It’s like telling you to stay loyal to your family and not to your husband. Without the Communist Party, there will be Wang Jingwei (a notorious traitor in WWII) and Mao Yusi to manage the country.

Can we be fooled?

So our only way to survive is patriotism and nationalism. Only by relying on the power of heaven and earth, taking the right to live into our own hands, and fighting the enemy to the end, can we gain independence, freedom, and survival.

Two: Why offend the United States?

China has done its best to the United States. For forty years, our ships to the United States were full, and they came back empty.

We used coal and steel to make blood and sweat products one by one and “sold” them to the United States in exchange for a pile of US dollar bills. We also bought US Treasury bonds, mortgage-backed securities from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and toxic financial waste.

Because of the one-way blood transfusion to the United States, the profit made by the Chinese people flowed back to the United States into its real estate, stock market, and the medical system. The only thing the U.S. gives us is free poisonous grain, which hurts farmers because of low price, making our farmers unsustainable. Everyone ate genetic food herbicides, poison and hurt people, and then sent all the money they earned back to the United States through sky-high medical treatment.

In finance, we have no room for concession.

Goods were given to the United States.

The money was also given to the United States.

We ended up losing both money and products, exhausting all our natural resources, depriving our physical energies, and ending our descendants.

But why does the United States think it is not enough?

The most likely reason is that China has rejected the US nuclear waste.

The Americans wanted to bury nuclear waste in Jiayuguan, but they were rejected.

The Americans therefore stopped their thinking of further exploiting China.

This was August 2019.

So, in October, during the Wuhan Military Games, the virus broke out in China, and they (the Americans) started dismantling China without turning back.

The situation is very serious.

No matter what the price is, even if it is death, we will never accept nuclear waste. In 2017, I wrote an article “Nuclear Waste Is the Biggest World Politics”. In that article, I mentioned that if we reject Western nuclear waste, they will cut our food and destroy our regime.

Why should we be buried with our country?

For a regime that has sheltered this land, what reason do we have for not being buried together?

Three: The failure of the United States is imminent

According to reports, the US military has recently conducted large-scale military exercises in the South China Sea and the Philippine waters with least 4 large aircraft carriers, 50 combat ships, 300 various carrier-based fighters, and 16,000 marines.

According to information provided by ITAR-Tass news agency, Russian military reconnaissance satellites discovered that four “Ohio”-class strategic missile nuclear submarines staying at home bases in the United States suddenly disappeared. The above-mentioned strategic nuclear submarine is very likely to carry submarine-launched nuclear missiles, lurking in the depths of a certain sea area that no one can find. Make final preparations for the outbreak of a nuclear war.

In addition, the U.S. Air Force also publicly stated that more than 60 heavy strategic bombers of the U.S. Air Force are also on standby at six U.S. air bases.

The United States has done all preparations for war.

But we are not afraid.

We are dismissive of American military power.

Because safety lies in righteousness, not in strength. Survival or death depends on “deception and reality” instead of the sheer size of the army. The decisive factor is the people’s aspirations and public opinion on the nature of war.

If the Chinese people all recognize their coordinates, they will unanimously fight the outsiders (foreigners). We will sink all four American aircraft carriers without missing one.

The United States can plunder our goods and exchange waste paper for wealth, but you cannot make the Chinese people agree with your plunder, which makes people feel that plundering is justified.

You (the Americans) buy our goods, but sell us blackmail, and still want the (Chinese) people to agree with you?

There will be retribution for the US. If you plant melons, you will get melons. If you plant peas and you will get peas. Whoever sows hatred, he will suffer!

Once the Chinese people understand the nature of the United States’ financial plunder, then the failure of the US will be imminent. The U.S. lives on financial plunder and is near its end. Those traitors who betray the motherland will not end well.

The Chinese nation has the courage to fight its enemies to the end, the determination to restore the past glory on the basis of self-reliance, and the ability to stand on its own among the nations of the world.

Four: starvation is a small matter, but losing dignity is a big deal

If there is a chance to live, who would want to die?

But to defend morality, we will have to die. Life is what I want; righteousness is also what I want. if we cannot have both, one has to sacrifice his life for the sake of being righteous.

If the Americans start a war in the South China Sea, they lose their basic morals.

Americans can fight a trade war, that is your ability.

If the chips are discontinued, we don’t need a mobile phone.

To paralyze finance, we can engage in a rationing system. Most people are poor anyway. If everyone’s money is gone, we can start all over again.

Without crude oil, we can take the high-speed rail or walk.

With the food embargo, we can go hungry and eat only one meal a day.

The US can set up a trap for us, so I got in the trap and I accepted the consequences. But this hatred will definitely be written down.

But if the United States strikes in the South China Sea, because China does not accept nuclear waste, and you use force to subvert the Chinese government, Americans have no basic humanity.

God has the virtue of protecting lives, and human beings are a family and should trust and respect each other. Japan once invaded China, but China was the first to lend a helping hand when the Japanese people suffered from the Fukushima (nuclear power plant) accident.

If there had been no Japanese suffering first, how could China have a “late-mover” advantage and change its attitude when discovering problems with nuclear power?

We let “the opinions of inland nuclear power without decision-making” save the lives and property of hundreds of millions of people in the Yangtze River Basin. How kind does the suffering of the Japanese mean to us?

Therefore, if the United States corrects its attitude, it should work with China to solve the problem together, instead of launching a war to force China to accept nuclear waste.

The Chinese people will not accept your rape.

When you violate the most basic morals, we will die with you.

If the United States dares to launch a war to subvert China, I, Wu Hui, will be the first to stand up. If the motherland needs my life, please take it!

The American’s naval drill at the South China sea and its support for Taiwan are all clowns’ performances. Retribution will come. Those who split the motherland will definitely be judged by history!

Five: The nightmare that the United States cannot escape

The most inescapable nightmare for the Americans is nuclear waste.

This is the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant.

The two cooling water towers below are not vaporized, and their internal reactor cores have been melted down and cannot be dismantled at all.

Regarding the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant, there are two impossible tasks:

First, we cannot make Three Mile Island disappear. It definitely exists. It’s there regardless of what you think.

Second, it is impossible to keep Three Mile Island from deteriorating. As long as the sun does not go out, the weathering will not stop. The life of concrete is only 100 years. After 100 years, the concrete is broken and turned into powder. The nuclear waste will definitely leak.

Three Mile Island is 180 kilometers upstream of Washington D.C. Once there is a leak, Washington D. C. will disappear within a week.

Many people have no idea about nuclear leakage. Everyone, please see the arm of a firefighter who was on the rescue mission at Chernobyl.

Nuclear radiation is a high-energy particle. The energy of gamma rays is 1 million times larger than ultraviolet rays. If you compare ultraviolet rays to massage, gamma rays are like bullets.

Nuclear waste is highly toxic and radioactive, and 10 micrograms can be lethal. Nuclear waste leaks into the environment, just like many tiny machine guns, constantly shooting bullets around us, you still can’t see it. Once exposed to radiation, people are instantly sieved.

Many of the firefighters who rescued Chernobyl suffered from radiation. Their DNA was broken and skin cells could not replicate. As a result, the whole body ulcerated and the skin melted and died.

Those pictures are too tragic to be shown here.

In short, nuclear waste must never come to China.

What about Three Mile Island? What about the 114 nuclear power plants in operation and about to be decommissioned in the United States?

This issue should be resolved through consultation with China, rather than forcing China to resolve it. How will the US end up after forcing China and waging war against China?

Three Mile Island is still waiting for the US. The US has offended the whole world. Who will help the US?

Six, the way out for the United States

The United States have certainly made contributions to this world.

The biggest contribution of the United States is building 114 nuclear power plants. This nuclear waste will exist for 200,000 years, which cannot be blown away or smashed away.

Qin Shihuang was from 2,000 years ago, and the United States was founded more than 200 years ago, but the nuclear waste will be harmful for 200,000 years.

How long can Trump be in office?

How long can Trump live?

How long can the United States last?

The nuclear waste is still there after Trump steps down. The nuclear waste is still there after Trump is dead. The nuclear waste is still there when all US aircraft carriers are rusted, and the nuclear waste is still there when the United States is dead. Within the 100 cycles of dynasties, all nuclear reactors will undeniably exist and be irreversibly damaged.

With their irreversible destruction, the Americans have shown the truth to the world that nuclear power should never be used. So that latecomers can learn from this and see the future clearly. This is the contribution of the United States.

To follow the United States is to follow a zombie.

The United States has made all preparations for war, and we should also make preparations for “watching American performances.” The US may jump a few times, and we must save ourselves by avoiding the blades. But we must win the final victory and see the defeat and destruction of the aggressors.

Is there a solution to nuclear waste?

It is impossible to keep it from leaking for 200,000 years. The leak is for sure. No container can wrap nuclear waste for 200,000 years, nor can it be wrapped for 200 years.

Digging in the caves under the bedrock of Antarctica, packing and transporting nuclear waste as a whole, filling it with water, and allowing it to leak, it is possible to control the leak radius to a tolerable range within 200,000 years, so that humans will not be completely destroyed.

As long as there is a silver lining, we should work hard in a good direction.

If Trump is responsible for the United States, he should use war machines with caution. Trump as an old body, how are you responsible for the war?

If you break the world, what would the American people do?

We are not afraid of the American’s small tricks. On the Korean battlefield (during the Korean War), we used “millet and rifle” to beat the United States to the ground. Back then, we were poor and backward, but we were not afraid of the United States, let alone now?

Now the United States is already hollow radish. You don’t have the resources. How long can you survive by extorting resources? You are dying of nuclear waste and sow hatred all over the world. Where is your tomorrow?

We just want to live.

If the United States wants to assist China by transporting nuclear waste to Antarctica, we should provide the greatest share of assistance.

But if the United States insists on going its own way and ignores morality, then we will fight the United States to the end. The Chinese will never renounce morality, never betray their country, and never give up the morality in their hearts.

To die for the motherland is the supreme honor of every citizen!

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