The Legal Representative of HNA Group Was on CCP’s Blacklist as A Dishonest Person

Mr. Miles Guo and the Whistleblower Movement always work as a litmus test for telling good from evil and right from wrong, and it is proven again today. Chen Feng, the legal representative of HNA Group, became the headline news on the Sina Finance on September 16. But this time, Chen was no longer an outstanding representative of Chinese entrepreneurs or a Harvard Business School guest, but showed up on news as a dishonest person defined by a court in China. What a shame!

A consumption restriction order is imposed on Chen Feng

According to Sina Finance, the case detail was disclosed on September 15 by China Enforcement Information Disclosure Network, which shows that Xi’an Beilin District Court opened the case on August 13 upon the request of Chai Jin, the plaintiff of this case over a contract dispute with the HNA Group Co., Ltd.  Per the court document, the HNA Group failed to pay back the amount owed to Chai Jin within the period specified in the Notice of Enforcement, the court has issued orders to restrict the HNA Group and its legal representative Chen Feng on high level of consumption activities that are not essential to daily life and work. This type of restriction is normally imposed on dishonest individuals determined by courts in China.

As a dishonest individual, Chen Feng is barred from consumption activities that are not essential to daily life and work including but not limited to the following:

1)  Travel by plane, or choose a soft sleeper in train, a second or above class in ship

2)  High-level consumption in hotels, nightclubs, golf courses, and other places

3)  Purchase real estate, or build, expand or luxuriously decorate houses

4)  Rent offices in high-end office buildings, hotels and apartments

5)  Purchase vehicles not essential to business operation

6)  Travel and vacation;

7)  Send children to expensive private schools;

8)  Purchase insurance and wealth management products by paying high premiums

9)  Take G-series trains and first-class seats of other bullet trains

Shocking story of the HNA Group hidden from the public

As a “star” state-owned enterprise found by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the HNA Group has grown “astonishingly” in scale by 200,000 times in the past few years. However, there are quite a few dirty and shady deeds hiding behind the short but “glorious” history of the company. The truth of the HNA Group star is too crazy, thrilling, brutal and ugly to describe in words, and absolutely exceeds any Hollywood thriller scripts.

Over the last three years, Mr. Guo has continuously disclosed many terrifying dark secrets to the public that the HNA Group has been involved in various crimal conducts such as money laundering, murder, pornography, overseas Chinese espionage operations and so on. In particular, Mr. Guo pointed out that the actual role of the HNA Group and its legal representative executives are equivalent of CCP’s housekeepers and servants. They specialized in stealing huge amount of money from various banks in China and transferring out of China to serve the extravagant lives of the CCP’s powerful families of current and previous CCP’s leaders and elites, such as  the former Chairman of China – Jiang Zemin’s children and their families.

Based on what Mr. Guo has discovered about the HNA Group, just like the former HNA chairman Wang Jian, Chen Feng works as a “white glove” (an intermediary who launderr money and handles the dirty deed in order to keep the real dealers’s hands clean) and a spokeman for Jiang’s family and Wang Qishan to control the HNA Group. As we all know,  Wang Jian was “mysteriously dead” in Pudence, France in 2018, which was reported by the CCP as a so-called “suicide” incident, but the facts revealed by Mr. Miles Guo afterwards are rather tragic and beyong everyone’s imagination.  

Images: Wang Jian, the legal representative of HNA Group, died mysteriously in France, Pudavence

It is so ironical that when Mr. Guo first talked about the HNA Group in public three years ago and brought to light their filthy deeds, Chen Feng sreamed at the media claiming that Mr. Guo is a 1000% liar. Has Chen even thought about what would happen today? The HNA Group was actually capable of paying its debt when the lawsuit started a couple of years ago, but why did the Group fail to pay and allow Chen to be a dishonest person on the CCP’s blacklist? Chen’s case might indicate the inter conflicts and battle for power among the CCP elites and leaders are heating up. Chen is just a pawn of the CCP who might end up being sacrificed as what Wang Jian went through.  



Written by Ping Ryan 瑞安平   【G-Translators/ Authentic Writing Team】
Proofread by Sarathecat

(The content of the article only represents the author’s opinion)

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