How the “Financial Innovation” of the Communist Party of China defrauded people’s money

  —— A victim’s narration

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One day in 2016, one of my WeChat contacts suddenly started to chat with me. Actually, I can’t remember when and why I became his contact. There is nothing special about the chat. The WeChat avatar is a very young woman, not that attractive, but her voice is nice. In her circle of friends, some screenshots about buying and selling stocks were posted. The numbers are all red, showing that the income is good, which is quite eye-catching. I once asked her what those are. She said that it is “crude oil index trading”, which is like buying and selling stocks, except that it is based on the fluctuation of the international crude oil index to determine profit and loss. 

After our first conversation, we often talked about the oil trade when we were chatting. Then, I couldn’t help but want to try for myself. She suggested that I put in 50,000 yuan to take a shot. She felt that I was still worried about the safety of this investment, so she told me that her company is Fujian Rongtong Tianxia Investment Management Co., Ltd., which is a member unit of Xinhua Equity Exchange, and Xinhua Equity Exchange is Xinhua (Daqing) The wholly-owned subsidiary of International Petroleum Information Centre Co., Ltd. It is an important part of the “Xinhua 08” project entrusted by the State Council of Xinhua News Agency. It has been reviewed and approved by the National Inter-ministerial Joint Conference. It is the top level of the country’s financial strategy. The purpose of design and overall planning is to promote the further development of China’s financial market, thereby realizing the Chinese price and China index of global finance, and enhancing China’s voice and pricing power in the field of global financial products. The exchange provides venues and platform services for trading activities of various property rights, public resources, assets, non-listed company equity custody, claims, environmental energy, bulk commodities, funds, financial products, insurance products, etc. To put it simply, the company she works for is a fairly strong, well-founded, and the transactions are completely formal and legal.

In addition, she also told me that if I participate in the transaction, I must first open an account with China Construction Bank. China Construction Bank is their company’s strategic partner. The money is kept in China Construction Bank, so it is very safe. I think it makes sense. I don’t think China Construction Bank will cooperate with scammers. Before they cooperate, they will definitely go through various audits and inspections.

I made a few thousand on the first day, and another few thousand later. On the third day, the instructor said that the market tonight would be “big” and suggested that I seize the opportunity. And he was very sure about it. So, I increased the amount to 700,000. Under the guidance of the instructor, I made more than 300,000 yuan. On the fourth day, the instructor said that the market would be “very big” again tonight and suggested that I seize the opportunity. So, I increased the amount to 2 million, and the profit that night was 700,000. On the fifth day, the instructor said that the market tonight was “extraordinarily big”, and of course he suggested that I seize the opportunity and so on. But I told the instructor that I really don’t have any more money. That night, I followed the instructor’s request and took a screenshot to record it. As a result, I lost more than 700,000 yuan, and all the profits of the previous days were thrown back. The teacher said don’t worry. This time I was a bit surprised. Although I lost money, my account still has a profit. I can definitely make it back tomorrow. On the sixth day, I did it again. As a result, I lost nearly 1.2 million. The two-day operation lost nearly 2 million. As a result, l lost more than half of my principal.

I want to share more details here. Several of my friends also participated in this investment on the same platform. A friend even told me in person that one of her friends made a lot of money through this investment, so she lowered her vigilance and listened to the instructor’s words and invested a lot of money on the third day. However, after those few operations, under the guidance of different instructors, they all suffered terribly. At this time everyone became alert and felt that the guidance of these instructors was problematic. A search on Baidu can also find a lot of negative news about this Fujian Rongtong Tianxia company and this so-called “crude oil index.” So, I stopped in time. But another friend of mine wanted to take a gamble. She secretly borrowed money and “operated” according to their instructions. However, this time she played a trick and did the opposite according to their instructions. As a result, he still lost miserably. 

Later, her husband learned about her loan and allegedly beat her. She, her husband, and a few other friends wanted to go to Fujian Rongtong Tianxia Investment Company to make a complaint. In the end, because I was a lawyer, they asked me as their delegate. 

I arrived in Fuzhou, Fujian. This company is easy to find in the most upscale office building of the most prosperous part of the city centre. But immediately after I got there, I was shocked. In this company, there are dozens of security guards inside and out, all in black, black pants and black boots, all muscular men like special forces. The person who received me saw my business card before I spoke, and he gave me a bunch of documents: business license, registration license, industrial and commercial certificates. In short, these documents can be used to prove that this is a legal company. Doing a legitimate business. I feel that there is no drama. They have enough experience to deal with people like me. Two things are worth mentioning here. One is the so-called meeting room, which is equipped with at least five monitoring cameras. The second is that from the meeting when I was out, until I got in the taxi, two security guards were by my side.   

As soon as I got back, I told my friend, forget about it. They are licensed hooligans.

Looking back on this matter now, no matter what pan-Asian financial scam, crude oil treasure scam, or the so-called Daqing crude oil index scam. Ordinary people are easily fooled because these scams have big backers to support their platforms. For example, the Daqing Property Rights Exchange that I participated in, in Baidu Encyclopedia, showed that it was completely an act of the state. Fujian Rongtong Tianxia ranks 6th among its members. How could ordinary people think that a government may defraud its own people’s money?

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