CCP Government Hides Brucella Leakage From Lanzhou Biopharma Plant

Image Source: A pharmaceutical plant in Lanzhou combined with cyber photo

A pharmaceutical plant in Lanzhou, China was exposed with a Brucella leak, it almost simultaneously occurred while CCP virus was out breaking in Wuhan, more than 3000 people were infected. Something bizarre is: the message was suppressed without any data reveal after 200 people were reportedly infected and announced by authority nine months ago. People were just aware that virus infection is still going on and on, more than 3000 cases were reconfirmed positive. “quite large amount among them were suffering the disease”.

Reported by Health Commission of Gansu province on 26th December last year, from Jul.24 to Aug.20, 2019, Lanzhou Biopharmaceutical plant had been applying expired disinfectant during process of veterinary brucella production, so as to directly cause a failure of exhaust emission and incomplete sterilization in the fermentation process tank, and the germ-carrying fermentative liquid generated germ-carrying aerosol, this will conduct an infection when inhaled or contacted with one’s mucosa. Totally 203 positives and 1 with clinical symptom were found.

That is, the brucella germ leak has happened for almost one month in this biopharmaceutical factory, but no further information following up till a long report was published on the Chinese media Caixin online on Sept. 14. The local infected people were developed up to 10 times amount of initial announcement after antibody test. Caixin also reported: “The leakage conducted infection by brucella over 3000 citizens, one year passed, the majority of them are still suffering from it, no way to confirm whether they are infected and should be cured, and what about their future?”.

Nearly 20,000 citizens were reportedly carried out the tests, about 5000 people were infected, and Gansu Health Commission confirmed 3000’s after review.

After unveiling by Caixin, Lanzhou Health Commission announced in hurry that 3245 people were confirmed to be positive by Sept. 14. Claims they paid highly attention to this case and built up an emergency task force led by provincial and municipal leaders. Officially said 8 officials were responsible for that and got a party discipline and administrative sanction, but no one was liable legally.

The public doubted, why the leakage was lasting for nearly one month? The authority’s explanation on Sept. 14 was bizarre:” It’s an unexpected accident, and an occurrence in a short period of time”. Online review shows “nearly one month’s usage of expired disinfectant was so called unexpected accident, how many in hell among 3245’s were ill? what the difference among them? how about the situation with them next year? what about the future career of those infected students in veterinary institute? it’s all bullshit, like saying nothing.”

It’s a mystery that four months later by the end of December, the leakage was revealed by local health authority. Furthermore, the transmission was still continuing without any public alert following up. It’s weird that the authority only reconfirmed over 3000 infected, why they are continuing to hide the truth, rather than uncovering it to public.

Brucellosis is a highly contagious zoonosis caused by ingestion of unpasteurized milk or uncooked meat from infected animals or close contact with their secretions, which usually persists for life. The most likely source is infected cattle, sheep and contagious pigs. The brucella ovis is of the highest infectivity and morbidity, and most dangerous. Brucellosis mainly destroy human and livestock’s reproductive system and joints. It brings great harm to livestock development and human health. If not being treated timely, it likely to be a chronic with lassitude, arthralgia, muscular soreness and undulant fever, most of them will not be able to engage in physical work or even lose the ability to work or lead to disability.

After the disclosure to public, Lanzhou authority declared “the compensation will be implemented in turns to maintain the mass health rights and interests”. Online reviews, “So called highly attention is actually an intentional hide”, “Going through all the way, finally the party and government are greatest.”

Lanzhou local reviews: “Without any confirmation since August verification last year. How far from then? How many people missed precious window period? What they’ve done is just publishing a list for infected or positive persons. Apology and compensation are meaningless in case people were hit by lethal disease. Everyone has to rely on himself to check and verify with his conditions and decide what kind medicine he should take. Even the online trending topic has been going on for one week, nothing changed. At the end, the patients and their families will pay for the consequences”.


Translator: DL

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take down ccp, it is evil

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CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
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