Now You Are Saying Hong Kong Is Not Part Of China?

By Leftgun左輪

The US government has requested that all goods imported from Hong Kong cannot be labelled as “Made in Hong kong”.  This is part of the response from the US after Beijing and Hong Kong forcibly passed the draconian National Security Law for Hong Kong.  President trump said “If Beijing treats Hong Kong as an ordinary city within China, we must treat it the same way.”

The Head of Commerce and Economic Development Bureau of Hong Kong said : “Many disputes cannot be overpowered, they should be resolved by with reasons by applying rules and regulations.” He added that :”We all have to follow the rules of game.”  He was referring to the point that Hong Kong was different from other cities in the mainland China and it had its own trade treaties and set of rules.  The Hong Kong government has made an official representation to the US requesting the withdrawal of the new regulation.  It indicated that it wish to have a dialogue and if there was no progress, it would pursue the trade dispute mechanism of the WHO to handle the situation.

Oh may I remind Ms Carrie Lam and her government what you have said in response to the US’s concern over the passing of the National Security Law? Didn’t Beijing and yourself both said that Hong Kong was a part of China and the US had to understand and respect the “One Country Two Systems” of Hong Kong.  Now the US is respecting your stance that Hong Kong is a part of China and what are you complaining about then?

Goods export to the US accounts for less than 0.1% of Hong Kong’s total export. Both the industry players and Hong Kong government admit that the impact of the new regulation is minimal.  Obviously, Hong Kong government’s noises about the new regulation is not economically driven, it is more of a stance to defend the the legitimacy of the passing of the National Security Law which has been condemned by the free world.  However, the new US regulation is yet another slap in Carrie Lam’s face on the back of her saying that the National Security Law would bring stability and help promote economic prosperity to Hong Kong.

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