1.78 Million Detection Resulted in 13 Asymptomatics, the Opera of Carrie Lam ended abruptly

Translator: Arthur Wenxv; Reviewer: Wencheng

Found only 13 asymptomatics in 1.78 Million testings, this is way below the expectation of the Hong Kong government. The comment said, ruling with political wishes ended up in vain, some critics of Carrie Lam said the government may push for a compulsatory diagnosis plan.

The huge plan for finding out the potential COVID-19 patients in the community ended, a total of 1.78 Million people’s samples were analyzed. This is only 35% of the expected number of the Hong Kong government. What is more absurd, only 13 asymptomatics were detected, way below the government expectation of 1500. Facing the super low positive ratio of 0.0018% and unwillingly Hong Kongers, Carrie Lam’s words were” the work was fruitful, if there is going to have more outbreak, the government is going for compulsory diagnosis, the citizens have nothing to worry about.

Even though Hong Kong government did not go public with the expenses of full coverage diagnosis, the cost is believed to be over 1Billion HKD. Whether it worth the efforts to run the diagnosis is questionable. Respiratory expert Liang Zichao said, Carrie lam emphasized detection of any single asymptomatics will worth the efforts, so he cannot comments on it whether this is worth the work. Scientific evidence already showed that single test coverage of the whole population can only reduce 1/3 of the active spreading. Besides, while the pandemic is getting eased out, the cost effective is much lower compared to the diagnosis of high risk population. If there is going to be another outbreak, then you should do a whole population diagnosis, otherwise, it won’t be worth it.

He also said, the Hong Kong government apparently overestimated the participating ratio. Also, based on the diagnosis center’s capacity, two million per day is the upper limit. When he reviewed this project, Dr Liang said, the major issue is the diagnosis took too long, a lot of the patients provided samples have to wait for three days to get confirmation, this already left the patients to infect more people in those three days. So, the diagnosis is not helpful to cut off the spreading of the virus. Additionally, the project was indulged, some citizens that has history of active contact with COVID19 patients went over to get diagnosed with citizens with no such history, greatly increased the chance to get infected, the senario is definitely not ideal, we recommend the government to collect separate samples tubes to different clinics.

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