CCP Virus Pandemic Updates Ep230: The Whistleblower Movement initiated the new era of “Take Down the CCP by Songs”

  1. The CCP China’s last food production base, the big Northeast area, was severely flooded. Agricultural production suffered heavy losses. The food crisis will escalate from “clearing the plates” to “overhauls in food processing production chains” (All links of grain production, processing and sales must be controlled).
  2. Yongxiu County in Jiangxi province still hasn’t recovered from the discharge of floodwater. The water didn’t retreat for a month. Let’s see the pictures. This is September 9. That was July 13, the next day after floodwater was released upon this area. Any improvement after so many days?
  3. The Whistleblower Movement initiated the new era of “Take Down the CCP by Songs”. The CCP specifically formed the online music police to suppress this.
  4. (Sky News Australia, 9/9) Six Chinese citizens believed to have engaged in espionage or foreign interference in Australia have either been denied re-entry into the country or have left after being questioned by intelligence agencies.
  5. (9/8) In the last 180 days, I spent around 100 days on my yacht, nearly 110 days. We provided three plans to the US and the West. The first is about how the new China without the CCP should deal with the West. Second, as we separated the Chinese people from the CCP, how to bring the CCP to justice for the wealth they pillaged and their crimes committed in the Western world.
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