9/10 CCP Virus Pandemic Updates Ep230

1. The CCP China’s last food production base, the big Northeast area, was severely flooded. Agricultural production suffered heavy losses. The food crisis will escalate from “clearing the plates” to “overhauls in food processing production chains” (All links of grain production, processing and sales must be controlled).

2. Yongxiu County in Jiangxi province still hasn’t recovered from the discharge of floodwater. The water didn’t retreat for a month. Let’s see the pictures. This is September 9. That was July 13, the next day after floodwater was released upon this area. Any improvement after so many days?

3. The Whistleblower Movement initiated the new era of “Take Down the CCP by Songs”. The CCP specifically formed the online music police to suppress this.

4. At the UN Security Council, the US pointed out that Communist China’s lack of transparency during the outbreak led to a global pandemic. The Chinese Communist Party(CCP)’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, Liu Xiaoming, used his official account to “”like”” a tweet of an X-rated video (pornographic video). The like created a storm on social media. The CCP embassy in the United Kingdom immediately issued a statement stating that anti-China elements attacked Liu Xiaoming’s Twitter. In response to that, mainland netizens said they could not even get on Twitter.

5. (Sky News Australia, 9/9) Six Chinese citizens believed to have engaged in espionage or foreign interference in Australia have either been denied re-entry into the country or have left after being questioned by intelligence agencies. Two academics were offshore when the Australian government cancelled their visas, effectively preventing them from returning to the country, while four Chinese journalists left Australia after being spoken to by ASIO (ASIO: Australian Security Intelligence Organization).   The intelligence services actions targeting foreign interference comes amid heightened tension between Canberra and Beijing.

6. (9/9) (Jack Maxey) Taiwan news is talking about potential meeting with U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and Keith Krach the Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth.  And so China is very very upset about this and China came out with an editorial in the Global Times.  This is as if chairman Xi wrote it himself and he said, it says American officials planning to visit Taiwan should think twice.  They said that the Taiwanese people should never trust the Americans. Have they forgotten the history of 50 years ago, specifically referencing Nixon, Kissinger’s kowtowing to the CCP.  This is a threat from the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China toward American business, toward Wilbur Ross, toward our relationship with Taiwan and I gottatell you American people, every one of you should be angered, everybody should be posting a Taiwan flag on their Twitter page, call their bluff, “”I can’t visit there, well guess what, maybe we don’t send the corn barges over to visit.”” Excuse me.

7. (9/8) In the last 180 days, I spent around 100 days on my yacht, nearly 110 days. We provided three plans to the U.S. and the West.  The first is about how the new China without the CCP should deal with the West.  Second, as we separated the Chinese people from the CCP, how to bring the CCP to justice for the wealth they pillaged and their crimes committed in the Western world. Third, we told the West how to utilize war, in the fastest and most efficient manner, on the smallest scale, in new forms of warfare e.g. unrestricted warfare and localized warfare including targeted strike, to take down the CCP as soon as possible and to minimize its harm to mankind. These three plans are now in full motion.”

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