An Open Letter to Mr. Shih of the Washington Post on his Article about Steve Bannon and Miles Guo

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Washington Post article by Mr. Shih on Steve Bannon and Miles Guo misled and deceived the readers. Given that the author speaks Chinese, he ought to know better about Miles Guo, to say the least.

Dear Mr. Gerry Shih,

Your article on 09-14-2020 in the Washington Post on how Steve Bannon and Miles Guo have divided political allies has so far received about 1,200 comments. 

We believe that your article has misinformed your readers about who Steve Bannon and Miles Guo are. We know Miles Guo too well because he started the Whistleblowers’ Movement 3 years ago, aiming to take down the Chinese Communist Party. In your article, you pointed out that Miles was sought after by the CCP because it accused him of crimes. However, you failed to mention that he was sent to prison for his involvement with the June 4th Tiananmen Square Democracy Movement in 1989. You also failed to mention that, in order for the Chinese regime to get him back from the US to China, his family members as well as some of his employees in Beijing went through a lot of torture and coercion. Therefore, the real reason that the CCP has been seeking after Miles Guo is that he started a pro-democratic movement aiming to take down the regime.  You and your readers would certainly agree that trying to arrest or torture someone who holds a different political view would not happen in a free society, such as that of the United States of America. 

As for your descriptions of his personality, lifestyle, pride, and greed, we believe that those are your negative personal opinion of him. We do not agree with your depiction of Miles Guo. However, we would not comment further on this topic as we are all entitled to our opinions. 

This applies as well to your description of Steven Bannon and some nasty comments by your readers. One important fact about Mr. Bannon is that he was declared by the CCP as the Chinese Enemy No. 1, a few months ago in the middle of the CCP virus pandemic. Your readers should be informed that even though he was hated by the CCP and some of your readers, Mr. Bannon was most admired by the Chinese people who happen to believe that the COVID-19 is a virus manufactured by the CCP. 

Numbers will show how much the Chinese people love Miles Guo and Steve Bannon. Below is a screenshot of the total live viewers on GTV, a YouTube alternative on June 3, 2020, for an online event for the Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, when Steve Bannon, together with Haidong Hao, the most renowned sports star in China/No. 1 soccer player, declared the birth of the New Federal State of China. The screenshot was taken minutes before the live audience reached 16 million. Bear in mind, most of these viewers were from “within the firewall” (an expression you must be familiar with), ordered by the CCP and built by Cisco to prevent the 1.4 billion Chinese people from hearing and reading uncensored news.  With the knowledge that Chinese people are extremely grateful for what Mr. Bannon has done to help us to gain basic human rights, perhaps you and many of your readers would not hate him that much. 

In your article, you also claim that Steve Bannon and Miles Guo have divided political allies. We would like to recommend “War Room Pandemic” podcast and its live feed to you. “War Room Pandemic“ is one of the places where you can find out if Bannon is actually trying to divide America, let alone a political party.

You might also be interested in another recent fact: Miles Guo’s single song, “Take Down the CCP”, with Bannon’s dynamic images all over the video, reached No. 1 barely two days after it was released on iTunes. 85% of those who downloaded the song are Americans, according to Miles Guo. We suggested that you study the lyrics of the song to have a better sense of Miles Guo. 

As an American journalist, who had been living in Beijing, you must have experienced extreme censorship even though you wore a foreign journalist badge in China.  We would like to remind you that as you enjoy your freedom of speech and freedom of the press here in this country, your readers ought to receive fair and true news from you. However, we do understand that we are two different kinds of crowds, so good luck with your work!

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