So Hong Kong Police Are Nice Gentlemen!

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The Independent Police Complaints Council of Hong Kong said it had received since June last year 1895 counts of complaints against police force in relation to the anti-extradition bill incident.

The proposed extradition bill, which was scraped subsequently, had prompted millions of Hong Kong people taking to the streets, staging protests, demonstrations and rallies since last June to express their concerns and rejection of such a bill which could subject them to the risk of extradition to mainland China and its totalitarian legal system. These protests and demonstrations, which always started peacefully, often resulted in clashes between protestors and the police. And there were widespread use of excessive and violent forces by the police towards protestors, reporters and even passersby. These countless incidents of police brutality were captured by local and international media as well as by ordinary citizen. However, the Hong Kong government and the police force has never accepted any wrong doing by the police but rather always defended that the police was only carrying out their duties according to the laws. In response to accusations of police brutality, Hong Kong Chief Executive, Carrie Lam only urged people to make complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Council.

Misconduct 293 counts
Negligence of Duty248 counts
Assault120 counts
Abuse of Power120 counts
Use of Foul Language42 counts
Complaints related to anti-extradition bill Incident

Of those police complaints received by the Independent Police Complaints Council, most of the complaints are involving misconduct, with 293 counts followed by 248 counts of negligence of duty.

Among those close to 1400 cases of complaint received over the last 15 months, the Police said it had completed the investigation into 308 cases and had results on 6 cases (you didn’t miss it, yes, only 6 cases), and only 3 cases were valid complaint which involved the use of foul languages by the police on passersby and a law maker who was filming a protest scene in October last year.

Check on YouTube, any social media or even sharing from your own friends, it would be easy to view tons of footages like George Floyd-style pressing of an unarmed 12 years old girl onto the ground, pepper spraying right into protestors’ eyes, indiscriminate beating of commuters in subway stations, firing water cannon onto reporters at close range, arresting and assaulting at will people who police regarded as suspect, shooting life rounds at unarmed protestors and passersby etc etc. It is so difficult to imagine how the Hong Kong police can come up with such a shameless report of having only 3 valid cases of police complaints – and are all related to less serious category of the use of foul language with outright disregard of other more serious brutality.

The stance of Carrie Lam and the police have always been consistent and firm – that any violence is always caused by protestors. Police have always been carrying out their duties diligently, effectively, and according to laws. There is not even a single case which they openly admit is a mistake or wrong doing on the part of the police despite what the footages obviously have shown the otherwise.

In the latest incident that happened in August 31 in which a pregnant woman was pulled down to the ground by a police who was trying to arrest her husband, police only described it as “a man and a woman fell”. When asked to comment on the incident, Carrie Lam simply responded that she would not comment on individual case and if anyone who was not satisfied with the police, they could file complaint with the Independent Police Complaints Council.

The police force is all Carrie Lam has to back herself up in reigning over Hong Kong. She has completely lost her creditability and support from most of HongKongers to continue as the chief executive. She can’t afford to upset the police and needs their full support and backing to keep herself in power and crush any possible opposition. This is exactly the same way China Communist Party (“CCP”) uses in its totalitarian suppression of oppositions in mainland China.

Nevertheless, this police report has not done the police any favour though. It only reveals the obvious fact that the police is downplaying all these complaints. But facts remain, and all those footages on the net are already making an open judgement of Hong Kong police brutality. Shame on you Carrie Lam and those evil police force!

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7 months ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !