Time to Say Good-bye to Apple Daily—In Response to Reports on Top Hit Take Down the CCP

On September 13 (HKT), Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily published two reports on [iTunes Top Hit] Guo Wengui Rap Song Against the CCP Got Viral Globally, Sangpu: High-profile Promotion for Self-rescue

Image from Apple Daily

This is another example of fake news and allegedly CCP’s propaganda and disinformation operation aiming to crack down its dissidents. 

In the reports, Apple Daily refers to Mr. Guo as a “wealthy businessman wanted by the CCP for committing corruption”, and is “under crucial investigation of the Trump administration for his relations with U.S. presidential candidate Biden and the CCP”. 

This is a total misrepresentation. According to the U.S. Department of State’s case (see case document) against a Hawaiian businesswoman Nickie Mali Lum Davis, “PRC National A (Mr. Guo Wengui) was a dissident of the PRC. living in the United States on a temporary visa. The government of the PRC, including PRC Minister A and the president of the PRC, were seeking the removal of PRC National A form the United States back to the PRC”. It’s an official verification of Mr. Guo’s status in the U.S.. Mr. Guo also publicly expressed his stance on American politics at numerous occasions that he has no interest in being involved or side with any party. Anyone who work to take down the CCP will be his allies and friends. 

From DOJ Case document

Apple Daily’s quoted some commentator named Sangpu, saying Mr. Guo “promoted” the song Take Down the CCP for the purpose of “self-rescue”. 

Take Down the CCP (available on iTunes and Spotify) hit the top on iTunes two days after it was published worldwide, except it was blocked in China. According to Bannon WarRoom, the song was a spear through the Chinese firewall into the heart of Beijing, to kick off a “Culture Movement” to take down the CCP. Defaming the purpose of the song is like shaming the public who like it, echo it and agree with it. Besides, as the song resonate among so many, there was never any promotion been down. Mr. Guo said it’s a weapon against the CCP, not for sale.

In the reports, some Sangpu says Mr. Guo is the “running-dog” of CCP’s Party leader Xi Jinping, that he appears to be fighting against the CCP, but really to attack Xi’s opponents. Needless to say, Xi does have opponents in the CCP, because their factions have never stopped ruthlessly battling against each other. But Mr. Guo has made it very clear that he and the “Whistleblower Movement” are to take down the CCP and fight relentlessly for the Chinese people, the deplorables. Mr. Guo is against the core members of the CCP, including Xi. The DOJ document is solid proof. On June 11, 2020, Stanford Internet Observatory Cyber Policy Center published a report on Sockpuppets Spin COVID Yarns: An Analysis of PRC-Attributed June 2020 Twitter takedown , saying of the twitter accounts analyzed, Mr. Guo was the second most attacked by the CCP “five cent” cyber army. 

Image from Stanford Report

The two Apple Daily reports were published on September 13, but according to Mr. Guo (September 14 Getter), he only did one interview at their invitation on September 14 and made very clear his opinions on the CCP and the song during the interview. The reports were published a day earlier ignoring Mr. Guo’s own opinions. We can not say this is an objective news report. 

Image from GTV

The CCP propaganda is known for its allegedly “9-layer ghost tower” tactics, which meanings they have different levels of influence, infiltration and disinformation operations. Some of them are disguised as mainstream but really working to aid the CCP narrative. When the owner of Apple Daily, Jimmy Lai, was arrested by the CCP, Mr. Guo and people of the “Whistleblower Movement” supported him by subscribing to the newspaper and calling for international attention and help. Western medias, like Fox News, did interviews with Mr. Lai. Now, we would like to ask for an explanation from Apple Daily why they’d mislead the public and allegedly defame Mr. Guo and the “Whistleblower Movement”? Why have all these efforts to support them been in return for a slander and fake news?

Image from GTV

On September 14, Mr. Guo posted a Getter, saying it’s time the “Whistleblower Movement” said “good-bye” to Apple Daily. We’ve done much for the Hong Kong people as well as this media agency. There’s always some ambitious individuals that are against the Chinese people and want to represent Hong Kong. We shall never tolerate any person or organization to represent the Chinese people or attack us. We won’t let them get away with it. Nor will we beg for help from anyone. On the other hand, we won’t forget any one that helps and appreciate all that join us to take down the CCP. Mr. Guo will go into details what the “Whistleblower Movement” have done for Hong Kong sometime later. 

Image from GTV

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7 months ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !