Hong Kong’s education is being “raped” by the Chinese Communist Party


Edited by Litchi

Translated by PureHeart-Yuan

Reviewed by Lori; Wencheng

In the past week, at least two secondary schools in Hong Kong have mandatorily introduced “Singing the Chinese Communist Song” as one of the lessons in the subject of music, in an attempt to force the inculcation of love for the Communist Party. A student was also suspended from school because of the slogan “Restore Hong Kong to a Time of Revolution”, and at the same time, the ethics subject of St. Paul’s School directly introduced a course on national security law.

Since the release of the White Paper on Chinese Language Reform last year, the Chinese Communist Party has attempted to eliminate Chinese Language Papers III and IV, adjust the content of the curriculum, weaken the status of the Cantonese language, and conduct an extensive review of the content of liberal studies textbooks, all of which seriously undermine the autonomy of Hong Kong and constitute cultural aggression. What is sad is that even the Catholic Church in Hong Kong has bowed down to the mighty power by mixing love for communist education with religious education. We all know very well that faith has a certain degree of authority, so just imagine what the future consequences will be if students blindly associate “love for the Chinese Communist Party” with “faith”. The Chinese Communist Party wants to do nothing more than promoting the idea of totalitarian Chinese rule and is committed to brainwashing Hong Kong’s younger generation.

Editor’s view

Brainwashing by the Chinese Communist Party is an extremely evil practice in nature, always calculated to completely control people’s minds and influence every aspect of their lives. Such acts of brainwashing by the CCP fundamentally violate basic human rights and the right of privacy.

The salient features of the CCP’s brainwashing are.

I. Control of news information.

II. uniform censorship of educational materials.

III. Penalties for breaking this control and censorship of information, and for refusing to accept assigned information.

As Edward Hunt says in Brainwashing “The purpose of brainwashing is to fundamentally change a person’s mind and then to control that person so that he or she becomes a machine-like human being, but the atrocities committed to accomplishing this are not known to outsiders. The purpose of brainwashing is to create a living machine that implants a thought pattern into an involuntary individual. It is the equivalent of finding a slave colony that has complete control and does not allow resistance, and instinctively obeys orders like an insect.”

Seeing today’s bloody crackdowns by the CCP in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet and Inner Mongolia, we can understand the CCP’s fear of the common people knowing the truth, of the common people waking up to the whole society and the people’s wisdom being awakened.

The Hong Kong government is supposed to serve the people of Hong Kong, but never thought that he has completely become a stooge taking orders from the Chinese Communist Party. Under the rule of the Hong Kong Communist Government, brainwashing education in Hong Kong has never ceased. If we want to deal with the repeated brainwashing by the Chinese Communist regime, we need to hold a line of defense, that is, to teach our children how to learn, to think independently, and to believe that only the truth is unbreakable. The CCP does not represent the Chinese people, and what I love is not the Chinese state as propagated by the CCP, but the Chinese nation and the Chinese land.

News Sources:https://gnews.org/zh-hans/355054/

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take down ccp, ccp is evil

8 months ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !