Who is Dr. Li-Meng Yan and What She Said about CCP Virus

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  1. Imagine if the coronavirus is something that comes from nature and the government has no responsibility for that, why do they recruit that big force to stop people from understanding what happened?
  2. Even if people eat animals, China is not the only country where people eat some animals, right?
  3. And also back to their alternative choice, if this is an accident coming from some lab in china, our government, when they know it happened in even december even early last year, why don’t they try to stop it from the early beginning, even this is a leakage you can stop it, right?
  4. If the Chinese government doesn’t want to admit this is a leakage at that time , they still can punish some people who should be responsible for that in the institute. No point to the World Health Organization recruit all the deep state people they had connected with before in the world, in the scientific world,  and in even the political world. Now to get together to tell people something which is lies now we know, right?
  5. In short, they don’t need to hide this kind of truth if this is other nature’s origins or if it’s a leakage.


  1. I am Doctor Li-Meng Yan, you can call me Scarlett. I am from Hong Kong and I work in the University of Hong Kong School of Public Health. My lab is the top lab in the world for Coronavirus, and I am the core team member in that lab who communicates with China’s first-line doctors to the World Health Organization  lab.
  2. The reason I came to the U.S. is because I delivered the message of the truth of COVID-19.  And let people understand how terrible! how dangerous it is! This is nothing about politics, this is related to the survival of all mankind.

What is the Chinese government doing?

  1. In fact, our government already knows that before the end of December there are over 40 people infected not as mentioned like 27 people, and also most importantly there are human to human transmission already at that time, but they still try to hide the truth and to let the people get infected, even the medical doctors without any protection, and then they don’t inform the world. They kept lying until middle of January, actually 20 January they had to admit.
  2. The very important fact that human to human transmission happened, as a public health expert it’s very easy and quickly to make the judgment based on the public health knowledge. But the Chinese government doesn’t want people to talk about it, and also doesn’t release this information. All the things are held by the top government in China, and they are the only one who gave the statement, and everything has to be discussed based on their statement, even if you’re a doctor or you are the professors, and they also want people to believe that this virus comes from the Wuhan huanan seafood market. Although we see at least one third of people they don’t have that history. Without this history went to the seafood market,  you cannot get diagnosed.
  3. The Chinese government will have a lot of patience, right?  Thousands of thousands.  But they first hide the numbers of cases and also they don’t provide the genome sequence to the world, so that means we have some chance at that time to study this virus fully. Even before it went to other countries like the U.S. for the big outbreak. But this critical information was hidden by chinese government, they even asked people to destroy those viral samples.
  4. The Chinese government also tried their best to collaborate with WHO with many top experts including my universities in Hong Kong’s top coronavirus expert to hide these truths. And also they tried to tell word that this is something you can cure them with the new vaccine, but there is no useful drug for maybe prevention and early stage treatment which we know hydroxychloroquine now can be used to do such functions, but they try their best to stop people from knowing about this drug and even spread rumors about the reputation of this long-term safe drug.
  5.  So if we can stop it early, we can save a lot of life. That’s the key point. This is about global health, not political issues.

What is the World Health Organization(W.H.O.) doing?

  1. I heard that WHO, and I mean from the internal information, I’m sure there are some WHO consultants, like Malik Paris, they have been to Wuhan and this is not published. WHO experts go to Wuhan, and they may not get the chance to go to the lab where the coronavirus may come from. That would be anyone’s question, right? and also they are not allowed to get samples from the WuHan Huanan seafood market. These are done by the local experts organized by the CCP government.  So based on this, WHO experts get their own conclusion. But why do they ONLY rely on the evidence that the CCP government gives them?
  2. What we have seen is WHO’s  behavior in this COVID-19 pandemic lied and collaborated with the CCP government, and also later misleading information, like they say is not pandemic, no need to keep China isolated, I mean travel ban, right? and also no need to wear masks, and no need to take hydroxychloroquine, and all these things WHO have done more than I thought in these crazies. Why do they do that, why do they help the CCP government?

Where did the coronavirus come from?

  1. The new type of the coronavirus, it is not confirmed in Wuhan Hanan seafood market, it’s not from the original nature origins, not come from bat, not come from penguin, not come from different types of animals, actually they had the genome sequence even back to December, 2019. I mean this is when the outbreak already happened in Wuhan.
  2.  I was represented of the WHO reference lab in the university of hong kong to do the sacred investigation to know what exactly happened in wuhan. This virus actually is the modified one based on the PLA discoverer and the owned ZhouShan bet coronavirus. There is a lot of evidence even left in the viral genome. It’s like a human’s fingerprint if you check it you will see the problem.
  3. COVID-19 is a modified virus based on the Chinese military institute that discovered some bad coronaviruses called a CC45 and ZXC21. This sequence is exposed in 2017 to 2018. You can check the sequence from the NIH genbank database in the USA.

What should we do?

  1. Steve Bannon: We know from England from Southampton university, if the Chinese county’s party had just been truthful, if they’d just been true and the WHO had done their job, 95% of the deaths and the economic destruction could all be avoided.

[War Room Pandemic Ep 308 – Science and Evidence Based ]

  1. I think everyone deserves to know the truth, and everyone gets involved in your health, your economic, your life. so we should come back to the one who initiated this outbreak. I mean, the CCP government, we should ask them to be accountable.
  2. I’m not afraid of anything because since the time I tried to tell the truth to the world back to 17 January this year. I already know that the Chinese Communist Party will try their best to make me disappear and keep me silent, but what I try to do is just to deliver more messages to reveal more truth about the COVID-19 things to the world until the last moment. And now I’m in the USA, I’m going to tell all the things to the word in English not only in Chinese. I’m not a failure to them at all because even I’m afraid I still cannot be helpful.
  3. No one is safe in any of the places in the world like we face this outbreak, right ? And who did this outbreak, the Chinese Communist Party.  If they still stayed there how could people trust him? How could people stay there and feel we are safe just because we are not in mainland China or not in Hong Kong?
  4. It’s not what you have thought, it’s not what you have read through the media or foundation from our China government, Even WHO. This is something really different and we have to chase the truth, just the true evidence and get the real answer because this is a key point  to solve this pandemic. If not, we really don’t have much time.
  5. The fact is that none of us are going to be safe unless we defeat the CCP.

Is hydroxychloroquine the most effective drug currently?

  1. About hydroxychloroquine 1: So first this is not a magic drug, there is no magic drug in the world. But we have to think about whether to use this drug or not, based on the reality. So practically, as a doctor, if you want just your patients to use them, you have to consider whether it’s safe, and whether you have alternative choices. If there is some side effect compared to the good effect, which one is better? Hydroxychloroquine actually is a long-term use of drug for over 60 years, initially to be anti-malaria as both prevention and also treatment. And the amount of study is already shown that it’s safe for even pregnant ladies and kids for long-term applications. Of course you need to do some half year check for the retina.
  2. About hydroxychloroquine 2: I think at this moment, when we don’t have a very effective vaccine, which takes time to do the study. So people have to get a good prevention for this highly contagious virus, then this drug can be applied to help you to get prevention and also help you to get treatment when you have this problem.
  3. About hydroxychloroquine 3: Of course we expect for the universal vaccine the efficient vaccine or even better drug to overcome this, but at this moment also you can compare the clinical data, you will see the doctors Data, the who supports the hydroxychloroquine the quality is much better than those against the hydroxychloroquine ones.

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