Chines Communist Party (CCP) Honker Alliance Founder Shengye Zhao Weibo Post: Resolutely Defends CCP’s Evil Rule, Vows to Exterminate All Humans

Edited by Litchi

Translated by PureHeart-Yuan

Reviewed by Lori; Wencheng


At 10:20 p.m. on September 12, 2020, a famous Weibo blogger with nearly 3.28 million followers, Shengye Zhao, published a bilingual post on her Weibo that netizens called “anti-humanity,” which instantly blew up social media at home and abroad. His original post reads as follows.

  1. Original English Content:

In the past, when we were doing military research, there was always a misconception that the United States could be destroyed only by dropping nuclear bombs on the United States.

In fact, if you hit hundreds of nuclear bombs to the US, secondary disasters and so on, the world will be completely destroyed. In this way, there is no need to drop a nuclear bomb. It is very easy to destroy the world. Here are three examples

1. When a nuclear submarine loaded with nuclear warheads is detonated in the Pacific Ocean, the huge wave can exceed 2000 meters, which will submerge all areas except the Qinghai Tibet Plateau;

2. Detonating thousands of nuclear bombs in the Himalayas at the same time can change the orbit of the earth, and the earth will carry all mankind to the boundless Dark Universe;

3. Drilling 10000 meters deep in the Sichuan Basin and implanting thousands of nuclear bombs at the same time will trigger the collapse of the earth’s core and the extinction of human beings all over the world.

Therefore, if trump is bent on fighting against China, leaving no living space for the yellow and black people, or even intervening in the future war to liberate Taiwan, the ultimate result of Trump’s actions will be the destruction of all mankind.

I admit it’s a very evil idea, but when we get to the end, it’s the ultimate solution. Americans can’t be both anti human and save itself. Are Americans ready to see God as much as possible when they intervene in Chinese affairs? Trump should make a good assessment.

I’m sure all of you must be inwardly terrified when you read a post like this. Does Shengye Zhao represent his personal views or is he representing the CCP to come out with a naked nuclear threat to the righteous forces of communist extermination led by the US? No hurry, first, let us know Mr. Shengye Zhao, who are called as “science-blind loser who writes anti-human post”.

According to Baidu Wikipedia: Shengye Zhao, male, Manchu nationality, born on September 5, 1985, member of China Computer Federation, member of IEEE, member of ACM, system analyst, senior engineer, member of China Jiu San Society, professor of Shenyang Institute of Technology, special professor of Shenyang University of Technology, judge of the “Genesis Youth” national university entrepreneurship competition, student of China Pudong Cadre Institute, member of China Fishing Federation, doctoral student, a native of Fushun City, Liaoning Province, creator of the “Earth-mass rearrangement” principle, was also one of the initiators of the China Honker Alliance.

What is Honker (Red Hacker)?

Honker is a mainland Chinese hacker with political activism and radical nationalism. Honker claims to be aiming to protect national interests, uphold justice, and fight for the glory of the motherland by not using network technology to hack into their own country’s computers.

We note that Mr. Shengye Zhao was the founder of the China Honcker Alliance, which is not an ordinary organization, but a Chinese Honcker organization, HUC for short. Founded in late 2000 by Chinese hacker Lion, HUC is a Chinese hacker organization that has attracted many hackers from all over China. Its membership once reached more than 80,000 people, and it is the fifth-largest hacker organization in the world. The organization mainly counters attacks by some foreign hackers. The 2001 attack on the U.S. White House website is one of the most famous incidents.

Now let’s look back at the genocidal nuclear deterrence rhetoric issued by this Mr. Shengye Zhao, which represents not just an individual, but a representative of the nationalism cultivated under the tacit approval of the Communist Party. On the face of it, he represents his own personal views, but in his own historical context, he represents the populist views cultivated under the rule of the CCP. It has been more than 10 hours since Shengye Zhao posted this tweet, and we imagine that if not for the tacit approval of the CCP propaganda system, such a statement, which caused shockwaves at home and abroad, would have been deleted long ago, so it is obvious that the CCP must be behind Shengye Zhao.

The reason why Shengye Zhao is so determined to perish with mankind, with the destruction of the Earth, there is only one reason, that is, the Chinese Communist Party is ready to make a last stand at the last moment of its demise, which is typical of the imperialist and dictatorial way of thinking, “I can’t live, and I won’t let you live”.

Today, the Chinese Communist Party’s economy is facing internal and external problems and may collapse at any time; the truth about the virus released by the CCP has been gradually revealed and has been recognized by the vast majority of countries in the world, and the hammer will fall one by one to pursue responsibility for the CCP; 1.4 billion Chinese people are gradually waking up under the influence of Mr. Miles Guo’s Whistleblower Movement and realizing the evil nature of the CCP’s 70 years of rule; The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is also in the process of forming a military alliance around the globe to annihilate the CCP as a result of its repeated provocations in the Taiwan Strait, South China Sea, and China and India. Against this backdrop, the Chinese Communist Party is well aware of the imminent end of the road, and it is perhaps threatening the world by using others’ mouths to make this statement about nuclear threats. Do not push us to a dead-end, or else we will have to fight to the death for survival together.

Now that the rhetoric is out of the way, let’s see how Shengye Zhao ends up? Then we’ll see how the CCP will react. More importantly, what would the West, led by the United States, think of it?

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take down ccp, ccp is evil

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ccp must go to hell,it released the virus