The CCP determines to destroy mankind The United States have to take actions to take down CCP

On September 11, 2001, a series of suicide terrorist attacks occurred at the Twin Towers in the center of New York, the United States. The scene of the incident was like the end of the world. Nearly 3,000 Americans were killed in the terrorist attack. This day was designated as the day of national death of America.

In the past 20 years, there are still many unsolved mysteries about the 9/11 incident which hurt the hearts of Americans. Although al-Qaeda announced that they were responsible for the incident. Besides, the incident was basically recognized as the behavior of this extremist religious organization. However, from the beginning I have a feeling that in the past 30 years, the crimes against humanity that occurred all over the world cannot be separated from the support behind the CCP (CPC). I am just a common person and cannot provide evidence. I can only come to this conclusion based on my understanding of the history of CCP and its governance methods.

Let’s do not talk about 9/11, may I ask:

Isn’t Xinjiang concentration camp considered a terrorist act?

Isn’t live organ harvesting considered a terrorist act?

Last year, the peaceful street protests happened in Hong Kong triggered by the implementation of the National Security Law. Isn’t the violence taken by the black police against Hong Kong students considered terrorist acts?

The CCP made the coronavirus in the lab, deliberately concealed the truth, and secretly spread the virus to all parts of the world, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths and global economic recession. Aren’t these acts considered terrorist acts?

However, the above are only a part of things which have been exposed to the world. The atrocities blocked by the firewall are billions of times more than this, and they are happening all the time.

Mr. Miles Guo warned the U.S. at a press conference three years ago that the CCP was using ‘BGY’ plan and ‘3F’ plan—that is, many unrestricted warfare methods to weak the U.S., mess up the U.S., and finally destroy the U.S. The plans have already begun. But almost no one believed that at that time. Some Americans treated the alarm raised by Mr. Miles Guo as merely alarmist or exaggerated political lobbying.

In fact, the whole world knows the human rights situation of China under the ruling of the CCP. The UN Human Rights Office also publishes a human rights white book every year and condemns it in written form. After the CCP routinely rebuts “interference in internal affairs”, the annual political show is completed. However, the CCP will not make any improvement and there will be no promises. The human rights situation in China are continuing to deteriorate.

It should be over. This irrelevant political show should be over. Americans could not care about the lives of people in other countries, but now you should be aware that the danger has reached your doorsteps. You are forced to stay at home and isolate yourselves. You lost your job. You have to keep social distance with your relatives and friends. Your shops are empty, and the children’s collective activities and outdoor activities are all forced to cancel. Your lives have fallen into an unprecedented bleakness. It can be said that all these things are the price you paid for your indifference.

Yes, we Chinese should first stand up and fight for our rights and freedoms. Actually, we are fighting now. The annual stability maintenance expenditure that exceeds military expenditure is the proof. In the past 50 years, the mission of CCP army is to beat its own people. From Tiananmen Square in 1989 to Hong Kong in 2019, from Ren Zhiqiang to Li Wenliang, from the top of the pyramid to the bottom of society. China has no shortage of tough guys, but in the end all the struggles are tantamount to hitting a rock with a pebble. All these struggles will not infect the Chinese Communist Party and will not shake its foundation either.

Through 30 years of incubation, Mr. Miles Guo has fully understood the CCP and all their evil plans. He has his own top-secret intelligence channel. After three years of whistleblower movement, he used facts and truth to awaken and summon hundreds of millions of justice alliances that pursue freedom, democracy, the rule of law, and care about the destiny of mankind. They formed an unstoppable force to destroy the Chinese Communist Party and caused unprecedented hits and threats to the CCP.

At present, this ultimate battle has reached its most tragic moment. CCP will surely use the evil ways that have accumulated for decades. This is what Foreign Minister Wang Yi called the “Pandora” box. Dr. Yan said that the CCP has produced countless kinds of viruses, including SARS in 2003, swine flu, and COVID-19, which has caused a heavy blow to humans. Besides, the CCP can make viruses that are more virulent and have higher mortality rate at any time. There is a Chinese idiom “fish die and net break”, which means that if you don’t let me live, I won’t let you live well. This is the situation now.

From the internal speeches of Chi Haotian to an unknown person who announced the plan to destroy mankind publicly on Weibo, it fully shows that the CCP has planned  a series of strategies to threaten the world in order to maintain its dictatorship. The release of this information at this time is by no means accidental, nor is it personal behavior. All of this is the layout of the CCP, and it is their naked provocation to mankind.

So does the world really have nothing to do with them? Of course there is a way, and only the United States can confront the CCP.  Now, it’s time for the United States to take on the responsibility to protect the lives all mankind again. The mission this time is much more difficult and sacred than any time in the past.

However, the actions of United States is too slow. The America is bound by procedural justice, and too much time is wasted in the struggle between the two parties in being boycotted by CCP’s politicians. In the process of debates, reviews, warnings and condemnations in the United States, the CCP has gained a lot of time and space to struggle. They continue making virus and poisoning to create riots. When new viruses emerge in endlessly, you are still ridiculously investing so much money in vaccine research. When Antifa is smashing and looting all over the United States, your leftists are still cooperating with them to fight on racial discrimination. Just like the recent mountain fires, if you don’t catch the criminals who deliberately set fires, how can you control the spreading fire?

It is time to act. Mr. Miles Guo shouted for three years and Mr. Bannon’s war room discussed for more than a year. Dr. LIMeng Yan fled from Hong Kong for nearly half a year and accepted countless media interviews. The evidence is already in place, right? Use practical actions to create a substantial deterrent: Start your drones; Do not wasteon the carrier groups arriving in the South China Sea just for military exercises, right? Quickly freeze the CCP’s assets in the United States. Only blood and money can effectively stop their madness and cut off their capital to continue to do evil things. These are the only actions to save the future of mankind.


Author:Bai Ye

Translated by 郭叔带我看世界

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灭共52165 新中国联邦

take down ccp, ccp is evil

8 months ago

ccp must go to hell, it released the virus

8 months ago

The longer Xi and the CCP are still around, the whole world will continue to suffer together. We need to hurry and end the CCP once and for all!

8 months ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !

8 months ago

Totally agree! If the US don’t take quick action, you are just giving the CCP more time to plan to counter attack the US, eventually it will turn into a Cold War.



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