The New World and The Near Future

Himalaya Manor Canada

Last night, after watching the video of Mr. Wengui and the leader of the Himalaya Farm in New Zealand, I could not fall asleep until midnight. I was deeply moved by their conversation and could not help writing something, especially the topic of the “New World”.

Let us start by summarizing what Mr. Wengui mentioned about the New World:

1.  The biochemical warfare launched by the Chinese Communist Party has led to a revolutionary change in the entire world structure, and all the order of the old world is about to be shattered.

2. In order to be realistic, the fashion industry leaders, such as LV, have to put aside their arrogance and offer huge discounts in cooperation with G ecology.

3. Mr. Wengui plans to live all year round on the more luxurious cruise with a crew of 50 or 60, and this LadyMay will be used as logistics.

My personal interpretation of this information is demonstrated as following:

– Wengui’s judgements towards future come from a variety of sources: based on beliefs (Buddha and God), scientific facts, as well as powerful intelligence and connections, so his credibility is far beyond doubt.

– The second wave of the virus will be a hundred times more serious than the current one. It is characterized by the absence of an antidote, persistent mutation and prolonged presence. Even if the CCP is taken down, by 2024 the world will suffer significant crises in terms of health, life and economics. From short-term perspective, we fellow fighters should have a very realistic goal of being “alive”. Wengui is not talking lightly about the next two or three years of world economic collapse. For the sake of the future, we fellow fighters have to be ready to deal with it more seriously than ever. Save your lives and money while endorsing the Whistleblower’s Movement.

– The new world means more than just a major reshuffle of money and power. My understanding is that it is also a big shakeout of everyone’s psyche. If you really want an antidote, do good things and pursue faith from now on. So many instances happened around Wengui, is it not enough to prove the existence of thousands of Buddha and God? The great purge was the admonition of God to discipline the filthy souls. This is the ultimate showdown between good and evil.

– When it comes to money, my attitude is being willing to accept your fate, poor or rich, and not demanding beyond the wealth you can have in your life. Our missions are different, so what we could have in our lives are also different. In the case of Wengui’s mission of taking down the CCP, the wealth he now possesses is a must, but at the same time, he also has to bear the pain of his family’s persecution and the pressure that ordinary people cannot bear in one day. This is why social commitment is based on self-discipline. We hold the world with virtue. How much fortune and wealth we can catch has been fixed up, so let us follow our fates.  

Author: Richard

Translator: Squirrel

Authentic Article – 2020.08.17

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灭共52165 新中国联邦

take down ccp, ccp is evil

8 months ago

ccp must go to hell, it released the virus

8 months ago

Sounds very frightening. Anyway take down the CCP!

8 months ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !