The CCP authorities have been consistently in anti-human and anti-social behavior of their cultural genocide against the people

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News integrated from the VOA, RFA, Wikipedia, etc. 9/2/2020: The CCP authorities have been consistently in anti-human & anti-social behavior of their cultural genocide against the people.

Protests continue in Inner Mongolia as the CCP authorities change language teaching rules to stifle Mongolian mother language

The CCP authorities has been long pursuing a policy of cultural genocide in Inner Mongolia by eliminating the Mongolian language education, suppressing free speech and stifling national self-identity of Mongolian.

Leaked documents earlier also revealed secret plans by the CCP government to wipe out Mongolian education in the final stages of a decades-long campaign of cultural genocide.

In early June this year, the Inner Mongolia autonomous region government had formally issued the documents saying from the new semester started on September 1, in all middle & primary schools, all subjects except Mongolian language should be taught in Chinese language, and even the Mongolian language teaching material is also banned to use their mother language. So the Mongolian is removed from the core curriculum.

This CCP’s move denying the final symbol of their national identity “Mongolian” triggered Mongolian strong dissatisfaction and protest.

On August 27, many parents refused to take their children to school to enroll. And some teachers launched a signature protest to demand to revoke the “language education policy”.

Someone initiated rally against the “language education” policy initiative online. The advocates think the “language education” policy is in violation of the constitution of China and the law on regional national autonomy. And slogans for the dedicated rally are “Opposing bilingual education”, “Defending learning right of mother language”, “Practicing autonomy power” and “Respecting for the constitution”.

The CCP government was highly nervous. on August 23rd, the CCP authorities shut down Bainu, the country’s only Mongolian social media platform because of opposing comments.

At the same time, in China’s largest social media “WeChat”, the discussion on the policy is also under strict censorship and suppression, and some posts were deleted, and even some people were jailed. Then the Inner Mongolia had quickly become into a police state again.

The authority also put pressure on parents and teachers. On August 28, some school issued a notice without the school seal or the principal signature to those who had not sent their children back to school, threatening and intimidating that their children would not be allowed get into college in the future, be put into the blacklist, and so on.

On September 1, the first day of the new school year, all Mongolian schools across the autonomous Region were empty. Angry crowds gathered outside the school as teachers and students protested by strike. Later, a large number of armed police rushed to the scene to try to drive them back to their classrooms.

Mongolian’s protest has been echoed by fellow Mongolians from neighbor Mongolia country, some of who also gathered outside the CCP Embassy in the capital Ulaanbaatar on Aug 31 to protest against the CCP’s decision.

“We need to show solidarity with Mongolians in their efforts to preserve their mother tongue and scriptures in China,” former Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj tweeted on September 1, “Learning and using their mother tongue is an inalienable right of the people.”

The Repression History in Xinjiang: Wang Zhen killed people like flies

The CCP’s repression history in autonomous regions was not just began in recent years, but just in different excuses and in different ways at different time.

At the Early stage of CCP regime established and entered Xinjiang, the CCP authorities adopted armed and even military crackdown to Uighur dissidents, killed many people by guns and cannons. Especially from 1949 to 1953 in four years, the CCP founding member, former PLA senior General Wang Zhen killed people like flies in Xinjiang, and he said “Ensuring none resister to arise for 50 years via killing in Xinjiang”.

As is said because of terrible massacre, one of the ways to stop a child from crying in Xinjiang is to frighten it “Here comes Wang Zhen”.

CCP’s following cultural genocide campaign to Uighur people came on stage in succession, such as policy to arrange large-scale Han Chinese residents migrate to Xinjiang, force Uighurs Muslin to eat pork, arrange intermarriage between Han Chinese and Uighurs, etc. According to the CCP’s official data, in the past 70 years Xinjiang Uighur population increased not more than 3 times, but the population of Han Chinese residents in Xinjiang has increased by nearly one hundred times.

The bloody crackdown and massacre of the CCP authority against Uighur and Tibetan has never been stopped. And in the case of the unusually tight CCP news blockade, we can still search out some big events with great influence online, such as “Tibetan incident in 1959”, “Lhasa event in 1988 “,” Tibet event in 2008,” “2009 Urumchi July 5th event “, etc.

The “No Children in 100 Days” campaign

The geocide of CCP against Han Chinese is also terrible. On April 26, 1991, for birth control, the CCP authority of Guan county in Shandong province required to ensure nobody born in the whole county from May 1 to August 10, launched the “No Children in 100 Days” campaign.

The streets and lanes of Guan county were hung with banners reading: “Would rather die without descendants to let the Party rest assured”; “Hang yourself free a rope, drink toxicant free a bottle”; “Would rather aborted but not to give birth”; and “we must resolutely implement the policy and never allow more children”.

During the 100 days, all pregnant women, including those for the first child, pregnant for months, even those are chronically infertile to pregnant, would be caught for forced abortion. The GuanYichun Road is full of shacks, living all arrested women for abortion and induced labor. Then hospitals of that county really could not accomplish so many surgeries themselves as to send them to the surrounding cities’ hospitals. And many full-term children were strangled to death after being induced labor.

At that time, CCP authority of Xin County was unwilling to fall behind, then immediately launched the same campaign.

The CCP’s destructive repression on unarmed dissidents & protesters is not only subject to the Minority region with strong sense of resistance, but also subject to any Han Chinese dissidents and protesters in other parts of the country, which is the only way the CCP treats all its people equally.

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