CCP threatens to nuke the world; who is the person posted the threat on Weibo?

At 10:20 pm on September 12, 2020, Beijing time, a well-known Weibo blogger with nearly 3.28 million followers published a bilingual post in Chinese and English on his Weibo, which instantly became the most talked-about post on social media both in China and abroad.

The original English version of the threats in the Weibo post:

In the past, when we were doing military research, there was always a misconception that the United States could be destroyed only by dropping nuclear bombs on the United States.

In fact, if you hit hundreds of nuclear bombs to the US , secondary disasters and so on, the world will be completely destroyed. In this way, there is no need to drop a nuclear bomb. It is very easy to destroy the world. Here are three examples

1. When a nuclear submarine loaded with nuclear warheads is detonated in the Pacific Ocean, the huge wave can exceed 2000 meters, which will submerge all areas except the Qinghai Tibet Plateau;

2. Detonating thousands of nuclear bombs in the Himalayas at the same time can change the orbit of the earth, and the earth will carry all mankind to the boundless Dark Universe;

3. Drilling 10000 meters deep in the Sichuan Basin and implanting thousands of nuclear bombs at the same time will trigger the collapse of the earth’s core and the extinction of human beings all over the world.

Therefore, if trump is bent on fighting against China, leaving no living space for the yellow and black people, or even intervening in the future war to liberate Taiwan, the ultimate result of Trump’s actions will be the destruction of all mankind.

I admit it’s a very evil idea, but when we get to the end, it’s the ultimate solution. Americans can’t be both anti human and save itself. Are Americans ready to see God as much as possible when they intervene in Chinese affairs? Trump should make a good assessment.

Zhao Shenye, the guy who posted the threats

Does Zhao Shengye express his personal opinion or send the message on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party to publicly announce the nuclear threats?

Due to the censorship on Weibo, nobody would believe that Mr. Zhao represented his own personal view.

Zhao Shengye according to his Baidu Encyclopedia introduction:

  • male
  • born September 5, 1985
  • member of China Computer Society, IEEE member, ACM member, system analyst, senior engineer
  • member of China Jiu San Society, professor of Shenyang Institute of Technology,
  • Shenyang University of Technology Distinguished professor,
  • “Creating Youth” National College Student Entrepreneurship Competition National Competition Judge,
  • Pudong Cadre Institute of China,
  • member of China Protection and Diaoyu Association,
  • Ph.D. student, from Fushun City, Liaoning Province,
  • founder of the principle of “Re-layout of Earth Quality”
  • one of the initiators of China Honker Alliance.

What is Honker?

Hongke is a hacker with political activism and radical nationalism in mainland China. Hongke claims to maintain national interests, safeguard justice, and not use network technology to invade computers in one’s own country and win glory for the motherland.

Mr. Zhao Shengye was the founder of China Honker Alliance, which is not an ordinary organization. It is a Honker organization in China, abbreviated as HUC in English. The organization was established at the end of 2000, led by the Chinese hacker Lion, and absorbed many hackers across the country. Its members have reached more than 80,000 people, and it is the fifth largest hacker organization in the world. The organization mainly counterattacked attacks by some foreign hackers, of which the most famous counterattack against the US White House website in 2001.

Zhao Shengye’s dehumanizing nuclear threats

They represent not only individuals, but nationalism cultivated under the acquiescence of the Communist Party. On the surface, it represents a personal point of view, but from this person’s background, it represents the populist point of view cultivated under the rule of the Communist Party. More than 10 hours have passed since Zhao Shengye posted this Weibo. Let’s imagine that if it were not for the acquiescence of the CCP’s propaganda system, such a remark that caused domestic and foreign shocks would have been deleted. So it’s clear that the CCP must be behind it.

There is only one reason why Zhao Shengye is so decisive to destroy mankind and the earth: the CCP is ready to make the last fight before its demise. This is the typical imperialism and dictatorship style of thinking: “if I can’t live, I won’t let you live”.

Today, the CCP’s economy is facing internal and external troubles, and may collapse at any time.

The truth about the CCP-made-virus has been gradually revealed and has been recognized by most countries in the world. The heavy hammer of accountability against the CCP will fall one by one.

Within China, 1.4 billion people have gradually awakened by Mr. Guo’s Whistleblower Movement and realized the evil nature of the CCP’s 70-year reign.

The CCP’s provocations on Taiwan Strait, the South China Sea, and conflicts with India have led to the formation of a global military alliance against the CCP.

Against this backdrop, the CCP knows that the end is coming. At this moment, using the mouth of others to publish this nuclear threat may be a warning to the world not to corner the CCP, otherwise, the earth will be destroyed.

Zhao Shengye’s personal profile

Zhao Shengye is a computer science researcher and has done many cross-industry study at the same time (according to public information):

  1. Participated in the launch of China Red Guest Alliance in 1999;
  2. In 2010, he assumed the cause of the earthquake from a new perspective, which “triggered a wide range of disputes between the scientific community and the civil society”, computer cross-industry earthquake prediction;
  3. In 2011, invented the intelligent communication management and control system, cracked GSM, CDMA and other communication signaling, and became a communication technology expert across industries;
  4. In 2012, organized coding and produced a rare cloud computing middle layer, and applied it in the “Xunwang Cloud Computing” system he founded;
  5. In 2016, invented a “hydrogenerator with water inflow acceleration function and drainage acceleration function”, which has been widely used in Yunnan and other places, and has successfully cross-industry power engineering;
  6. In 2017, the “fourth generation e-commerce system” was proposed, and the “Gooleer” e-commerce platform was created. The “interactive 3D virtual reality shopping” was realized on the platform, which combined with physical merchants to enhance users Experience
  7. In 2017, Zhao Shengye strived for the scientific principle of “earthquake cloud” and published articles such as “Science Monograph: Dynamic Earth Development Report”, “Research on the Correlation between Cloud and Earthquake and Its Practice Results”, and cross-industry geophysics;
  8. In 2018, he wrote “Financial First Encounter with Systemic Risks”, which put forward many unreasonable phenomena in the field of Internet finance in China;
  9. In June 2018, he published an article “A Possible Origin of the Universe: A Conjecture Based on the Grand Unification Theory of Polezi”, and co-wrote the science fiction novel “Cross-Time Domain” with Hua Qianfang, a cross-industry network Writer;
  10. In 2018, “A Method to Design an Artificial Soul” was released (“A Method to Design an Artificial Soul”), which published a strong artificial intelligence design method;

Zhao’s Remarks

For any descendants of the blood of the Chinese nation, only when we dedicate all of our lives to our nation and take national rejuvenation as our goal, will we know how meaningful our lives and our struggles are.

No matter what occupation or position we are in, as long as we can connect our work and our study with the revival of the nation, we can make correct judgments and decisions without regrets.

I hope that we can contribute what we can to the future of the people of the world and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, to revitalize China, restore our prestige, and revitalize our people until we die.

—-Zhao Shengye

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