A big flee is going on in Hong Kong! The number of people leaving HK is surging.

Translator: Arthur Wenxv; Reviewer: Wencheng

As reported by NewTalk, since the implementation of the National Security Law of Hong Kong, a lot of Hkers trying to flee Hong Kong. According to the numbers released by MPF( Mandatory Provident Fund), by the end of the first quarter, people apply for their PMF for the case of permanent leave of Hong Kong were about 7600 cases, which sees a 10% increase compared to that of the last year. Calculated by the amount of money taken out, the increase was 32%. From the Anti-Extradition Law event to the end of March, within 9 months, accumulation of 240,000 cases, and took away 4.1 Billion Hong Kong dollars, which is a historic record.

MPF was passed in the British Hong Kong time, it was passed in July, 1997, and come into effect on December 1st, 2000. It required all the Hong Kongers employees to participate in the program from age 18 to 65. Under normal condition, a citizen can only use the money as pension after 65, or for any other particular reasons.

Hong Kongers are leaving permanently and cash out early to get away from Hong Kong. This indicate they lost confidence about Hong Kong and voting by leaving in large scale.

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