Hong Kong News:Four requirements for their family members of 12 Hong Kong people involved in smuggling

Edited by Taiwan Lzihi, PureHeart-Yuan and Kenny; Reviewer: Wencheng

Family members of twelve Hong Kong activists, detained as they reportedly sailed to Taiwan for political asylum, hold a news conference to seek help in Hong Kong, China September 12, 2020. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

At the end of last month, 12 Hong Kong people were arrested by the Guangdong Coast Guard off the coast of Guangdong Province, China, and are still being held at the Yantian Detention Centre in Shenzhen, China. It has been more than 20 days since the incident, but their families have not been able to contact the detainees, and there has been no news of the 12.

Yesterday, 13 family members of six of the detainees held a press conference on the ground floor of the Legislative Council Building with the Democratic Party’s Hon James TO and Hon David CHU Kai-ti, and some of them shed tears while speaking.

The family members made four demands in their statement.

1. Refused the “Official Designated Lawyer” of China to interview the detainee and has requested to arrange for an interview with the appointed lawyer. So far, six lawyers have been refused to meet with the detainees, and two of them have already brought their Chinese notarized certificates.

2. Some of the detainees have asthma and request that appropriate medication be provided to the detainees.

3. Allowing family members to contact the detainee and permitting the detainee to call his family members

4. Request the Hong Kong Government to ensure the protection of the rights and human rights of detainees, and immediately arrange for the return of 12 Hong Kong residents from China to Hong Kong.

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