What does ‘Take down the CCP’ going viral tell us?

A Chinese idiom ‘amaze (others) with one cry’, has been associated with King Zhuang of Chu (reigned 614-591 BC, a Monarch who possessed hegemony over Zhou dynasty State of Chu during Spring & Autumn period in ancient China). And now, this idiom can be unbeatably employed to describe what Mr. Miles Guo has accomplished in his fledgling but à la mode music career: on the historical day of Sep. 7, 2020, the single ‘Take Down The CCP’ was just released, and within a day it was played everywhere in the world; the second day it hit the HK SAR and West Coast iTunes downloading charts with solid No.1; the single has ranked top 10 in multiple music platforms. On the 10th, less than 100 hours after the release, the single crowned the American iTunes chart. We can boldly expect that the single will mark a watershed in the history of music.

These wonders not only illuminate Mr. Miles Guo’s oozing God-gifted talents, but also symbolize a miraculous transformation of Whistleblower Movement into a culture reform:

1. Sometimes it is challenging to see one’s own potential. But one oughts to dare to try and not to give up easily.

Mr. Miles Guo often makes fun of himself, claiming he cannot sing. He joked that the most lethal weapon to kill the family atmosphere is when he seizes the mic and sings. It is very humbling that he’s playing down his little flaw, but with the encouragements from music professionals Ms Tang Ping and a few others, he overcame his fear and sang like no others. With that cry, he amazes the entire world.

2. Talent indeed plays its part. But it is honesty and truth that gives a spirit to a song.

With a divine calling, Mr. Miles Guo has been gifted with numerous talents in various areas: he’s a gorgeously handsome-looking man with a magnetic personality; he possesses an exceptional ability to learn and an effective bandwidth to convert knowledge to values; he has an acute instinct; in the game of business he keeps an ace up his sleeve; he has been streaming his speeches for more than 3,000 times, in which his talents in analyzing, amazing audience with humour overflow by all possible means. Perhaps it is because he is outstanding in too many areas that he overlooked his aptitude for art & music. At the end talents might just embody a song with a soul, but Mr. Guo’s divine calling to awaken people for faith, truth & justice from the grip of evil injects the new single with a spirit, a spirit that audaciously pledges a death sentence to CCP.

The single is encompassed with Mr. Guo’s detestation, anguish and trembling roars out of chests from all fellow fighters from New Federal State of China towards CCP, the energy of which shakes the universe with almighty hand of God. By that token, as soon as listening to the song, one is immediately overwhelmed and drawn to the spirit.

3. A masterpiece is not only renowned for the craft of the creator, but also for its power to resound with hearts.

When CCP viciously implements all manners of violence towards people in Hong Kong, people in the west think they are fortunate because there are tyrannies in their homelands. Now while CCP ill-purposefully unleashes the virus to the entire world, murdering almost millions of people, damaging families and sabotaging global economy, the west still doesn’t believe it is CCP that lab-made the virus and deliberately unleashed the virus. Just in this moment, Mr. Guo roared with ‘Take Down the CCP’ in an outcry of anger, waking up the unbelieved & disbelieved: all the chaos are done by CCP! For the sake of sustaining its power, CCP will keep engineering all sorts of catastrophes. A taste of the CCP’s ‘masterpiece’ leaves us all with only two options: either the entire humankind is erased from the earth by CCP, or CCP is descended to hell, but only when we concatenate together.

The fact that the single goes viral signifies the heartbeat of our time — taking down the CCP is a common need of all mankind.

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Author: Bai Ye (白夜)


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2 months ago

ccp must go to hell, it released the virus

2 months ago

CCP Virus ,CCP Lied,The world people died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah !

灭共52165 新中国联邦

ccp must go to hell, ccp is evil



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