CCP Virus Pandemic Updates Ep227: The Mongolian gathered in front of the Tokyo Embassy to protest against CCP’s cultural extermination

  1. The CCP Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who is visiting Europe, threatened that the Czech Senate President visiting Taiwan stepped on the red line, and he would pay a heavy price for it; the German Foreign Minister backed the Czech Republic and warned Wang Yi not to threaten Europe; Prague district mayor Řeporyje called Wang Yi “a reckless clown” and demanded an apology within 24 hours.
  2. The Mongolian gathered in front of the Tokyo Embassy to protest against CCP’s cultural extermination. The CCP’s policy of abolishing Mongolian language education has aroused the attention of Chinese people all over the world. In Japan, Mongolians organized activities spontaneously to protest against the CCP.
  3. The CCP finally has realized that it was inevitable to decouple from the US and began to brainwash the people inside the firewall, saying that the decoupling between China and the US is good to China, thus China will actively decouple itself from the US
  4. At least 289 Hong Kong citizens were arrested yesterday when their peaceful march was brutally suppressed by the police yesterday. A 12-year-old girl who was frightened by the police on the side of the road ran away in a panic at the sight of the police, only to be grabbed by five CCP police officers and crushed on top of her as she struggled on the ground.
  5. (Miles Guo With War Room, 9/7) America and the western world have no choice. Decoupling is not about you want or not. You have no capability to choose not to decouple. The CCP has prepared this… Another side, decouple! You know, you have only one way to go. It is to starve the CCP, to decouple with the CCP in order to completely starve it. Only by doing that you could make America safe, secure, and have the freedom of religion again.
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8 months ago

ccp must go to hell, it released the virus

灭共52165 新中国联邦

ccp must go to hell, ccp is evil