911 gave rise to CCP’s hegemony; CCP kills Americans with “soft knives”

The Chinese nationalists openly say that the terrorist attack on 911 had provided the biggest opportunity for the “Rejuvenation of China” in history. It is not a mere coincidence that the CCP’s influence has grown globally after 911. Instead, the CCP has planned strategically to kill the Americans with “soft knives”.

A renowned Chinese professor said that the CCP celebrated 911.

While the US is preoccupied with the fight against the terrorists, the CCP had a “streak of luck” between 2001 and 2017 until Miles Guo started the Whistleblower Movement:

  • China transformed from a third world country into the second-largest economy in the world
  • the post-911 shift of geopolitical balance and gradual change of world order gave rise to the “CCP hegemony”
  • the CCP’s brutal crackdown on ethnic minorities like the Uygurs under the name of counter-terrorism were met with minimum criticisms from the outside world

Before 911, the CCP was at a crossroads of choosing vertical (domestic market) development or horizontal (global market) development. Due to its negative image after the 1989 massacre, it was nearly impossible for the CCP to get into the global market without 911.

In Oct 2001, one month after the 911 attack, it was said that the CCP established a research group called “911 Terrorist Attack” with the purpose of influencing structural changes in global geopolitics. The CCP implemented the principle guidelines from this research with much success. It totally changed the global geopolitical structure.

Within the CCP army, there is a saying that 911 is just a one-time attack on the US with national devastation but the CCP’s plan can:

  • Have the US undergo a national disaster every year without feeling the pain immediately.
  • Make the US numb and unable to make decisions due to dumbness.
  • Make the US fall completely within 30 years.

There were five “directions” from the CCP’s 911 research:

  1. The US would definitely contain the rise of China. The US will engage in counter-terrorism at all costs.
  2. The US would delay or postpone its own involvement and investment in globalization, an initiative started by the US.
  3. The US might include half of the countries in the world in a peace agreement. Counter-terrorism will be the new focus of global news and world attention.
  4. The relation between the US and the Middle East would become hostile
  5. The American public’s distrust in the American government would become the main factor of future presidential elections.

The US had been trapped in endless wars and suffered a Lost Decade between 2000 and 2009 because of relatively flat stock prices from the tech bust to the housing collapse.

But during the same decade, the CCP had gained influence and even replaced the US in many international affairs through BGY (Hacking, Bribery, and Seduction) and emerged as a world power and a world leader in the global market.

In Oct 2001, the same 911 research group came up with the following predictions & strategies corresponding to the five “directions”:

CCP’s Strategy #1:

The CCP would get less external military pressure. The CCP would get less military pressure from the US.

Unlike traditional kinetic wars that boost manufacturing, terrorism puts people in fear.

The research group predicted that the US would shift its focus to the Middle East.

If the CCP could take advantage of this period with reduced external threats by venturing out and establish a manufacturing economy as a world supplier

CCP’s Strategy #2:

The CCP would get many important diplomatic opportunities. Take advantage of the 911 attack by promoting CCP’s international status. The US would form anti-terrorism coalitions and China’s participation would play a significant role.

This would allow the CCP to work on its own priorities under the American’s nose. Effectively put Xingjiang and Tibet under control, because the US would not criticize the CCP if it was done under the name of counter-terrorism.

There would be two types of collaborations:

  • short term – For example, the US would ask China to provide information to fight the Taliban. because the information is invaluable in wars. There are many areas for military collaboration between the two countries.
  • long term – the US would need to establish a counter-terrorism world structure. There would be many things the US could not do without China’s participation. The US would also be humiliated while facing opposition in the UN security council. The US would also want China’s participation in arms-control to stop China from selling weapons to the Middle East or Central Asia.

CCP’s Strategy #3:

Powellism is not a good choice for China. The CCP would be sidelined if many other countries accepted this doctrine. The CCP would be in an undesirable position if it was left out. So the CCP must get into the “existing global system” and fill the void left by the US whenever possible.

CCP’s Strategy #4:

Break the ice in international policies. The US would have military presence in Central Asia if it was to attack Afghanistan. Its political, economical and cultural influences would pose a threat to the CCP even though the US was only there to fight the terrorists. There would be byproducts such as geopolitical and geostrategy issues. The US might make demands unacceptable by the CCP. It would be hard for the CCP to reject these demands.

So, the CCP should pretend to oppose terrorism while trying to prevent the US hegemony, avoid offending Arab nations, or becoming the target of the terrorists.

These were very serious challenges.

CCP’s Strategy #5:

Implement the unconventional national security strategy.

The unconventional national security issues are the factors that could pose threats to a sovereign nation’s national security in addition to political, military and diplomatic conflicts. It includes:

  • economic safty
  • financial safty
  • eco-system safty
  • resource safty
  • terrorism
  • weapon proliferation
  • disease proliferation
  • international drug trafficking
  • smugling
  • illegal immigration
  • sea pirating
  • money laudering

The unconventional national security issues are harder to prevent and the world was in the early stage of safeguarding in those areas. If the CCP could exploit them, it could rival the US in the future.


The CCP often uses the strength or agenda of its opponents to counter-strike them.

The CCP also plans four or five steps ahead of its opponents.

While the US was busy fighting the terrorists, the CCP never stops slaying the US with “soft knives”. The Americans could only sense the pain a couple of years later.

After the 911 attack, the CCP has gained the power to control the United Nations, world factories, the monitoring of about 4 billion netizens in the world.

Most importantly, the CCP has been training and supporting terrorist organizations to keep the US preoccupied until President Trump ended the endless wars.

During the course of globalization restructuring, the US has lost its full control in all five major categories: politics, economy, culture, education, and medical. The only thing still within its full control is the military.

In comparison, the CCP can pretty much control the world in all those five categories. The only category the CCP does not have global control is the military.

In fact, the CCP is devastating the US like repeating 911 terrorist attack every year!

Further Reading

Economically, 911 eventually led to Wall Street’s addiction to the Chinese Market

The so-called “China’s economic miracle” really took off after 911. As the Whistleblower Movement has been telling the world, the CCP’s global hegemony has been financed by the Western capital and greed.

Without getting into too many details, Ben Bernanke’s post-911 Quantitative Easing led to the 2008 financial crisis after the meltdown of subprime mortgages.

 (Above: PEMA LEVY‘s Did 9/11 Cause the Financial Crisis? https://prospect.org/article/9-11-cause-financial-crisis/ )

China emerged as the world’s “economic engine” and the “savior” of Wall Street after the 2008 financial crisis.

The western investment and technology enriched the CCP transforming China into the world’s second-largest economy and also facilities a cycle of ever-growing BGY (Hack, Bribe, and Seduce) for the CCP to infiltrate the world.

The documentary “the China Hustle” reveals how the CCP deceived US investors after 2008.

Pre-911: the aggression of the CCP had put itself in a dangerous position confronting the US

According to the CCP, the US-China “honeymoon” ended by the CCP’s brutal crackdown of the democratic movement in 1989. After the fall of the former Soviet Union, there had been increasing friction between the CCP and the US.

Here is a screenshot of an assessment of 911’s impact on US-CCP relationship on https://www.fpri.org/article/2011/09/911-and-u-s-china-relations/) outlined by Jacques deLisle (Director of FPRI’s Asia Program, Stephen A. Cozen Professor of Law, Professor of Political Science, and Director of the Center for the Study of Contemporary China at the University of Pennsylvania):

Pre-911: the Chinese kleptocrats transferred large sums of money abroad between 1990 – 2001 as a doomsday strategy

Miles Guo revealed that the Chinese kleptocrats transferred wealth abroad in three time periods:

  • Between April and July in 1989 during the democratic movement, which means the CCP did not expect to survive. 
  • Between 1990 – 2001 before the 911 attack, and before Beijing won the bid to host the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.
  • During the 2008 financial crisis, the CCP transferred vast wealth abroad while it was printing an excessive amount of money.

The CCP’s wealth exodus before 911 indicates that the CCP foresaw danger looming on the horizon.

Pre-911: “Unrestricted Warfare” was published

Unrestricted Warfare is a book written by two Chinese in the military: Qiao Liang (乔良) and Wang Xiangsui (王湘穗) on military strategy.

Its primary concern is how a less powerful country can defeat a superpower like the US through a variety of means by avoiding direct military confrontations.

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