CCP retaliates US diplomats, rebuts US ambassador’s remarks at UN

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has implemented reciprocal restrictions on activities of the United States embassy and consulates in China, including its general consulate in Hong Kong and affiliated personnel, according to a Foreign Ministry statement published on its website on Friday.

This is intended to “urge Washington to revoke its previous wrongdoings at an early date”, the statement said.

The US State Department announced on Sept 2 that senior Chinese diplomats will now need to seek its approval to visit US universities and to meet with local government officials, escalating a move from last October that required Chinese officials to notify the department of plans for such meetings.

CCP’s UN mission rebuts US ambassador’s remarks

The spokesperson for CCP’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations responded to comments made by the US ambassador to the UN, saying that she “smeared and attacked China, and deliberately created hostility to serve domestic political needs”. China categorically rejects her remarks, the spokesperson added.

The spokesperson said Ambassador Kelly Craft’s attempt to drive a wedge between the Chinese people and the Communist Party of China (CPC=CCP) was “hypocritical” and “doomed for failure”.

“The Communist Party of China comes from the people and serves the people wholeheartedly. Craft viciously attacked the Communist Party of China in the interview, and at the same time claimed to have friendly feelings towards the Chinese people. This kind of rhetoric is very hypocritical,” the spokesperson said.

“The unreasonable suppression of China by the United States has harmed the interests of all Chinese people, and all Chinese people are extremely indignant about this. The attempts of certain American politicians to estrange the CPC and the Chinese people are doomed to failure,” the spokesperson added.

In the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, China has been carrying out international cooperation in “an open, transparent and responsible manner”, said the spokesperson, adding that Craft’s accusation against China and the World Health Organization (WHO) is groundless.

China’s sacrifices and contributions are recognized by the UN, the WHO and the international community. Political maneuvering and blame-shifting will not make up for wasted time and will not save innocent lives, the spokesperson noted.

“We asked that the US government put its time and energy into ensuring the safety and health of the American people, to shoulder the responsibility to lead the American people in defeating the crisis as soon as possible, “the spokesperson said.

China firmly opposes any deliberate smear and suppression of Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and other Chinese companies by the US, the spokesperson said, adding that in her remarks, Craft said her previous tenure as US ambassador to Canada was mainly focused on the arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wenzhou, suggesting that Meng’s case is of a political nature, the spokesperson pointed out.

“To this day, the United States has not provided any real evidence for its accusations against Huawei,” the spokesperson added.

China will not allow any interference in its internal affairs, the spokesperson said. Issues in Taiwan, Xinjiang and Hong Kong are excuses created by the US government to contain China’s development, the spokesperson added.

China’s position remains firm and clear. No foreign government, organization or individual has the right to meddle with China’s internal affairs, the spokesperson said, adding that Craft’s remarks on Taiwan, Xinjiang and Hong Kong were groundless.

In her remarks, Craft spoke about the need for more Americans to serve in international organizations, claiming that only in this way can international organizations be more transparent, the spokesperson said.

“As we all know, civil servants serving in international organizations come from all over the world. Once they enter an international organization, everyone must abide by the charter, maintain impartiality and neutrality, and serve the interests of all member states,” said the spokesperson.

“Craft’s views seem to indicate that international organizations serve individual countries, which is a great insult to international organizations,” the spokesperson added.

China firmly upholds multilateralism and international cooperation, the spokesperson said. In the interview, Craft indicated that the US will carefully analyze all issues on the Security Council’s agenda. As long as it can be linked to China, the US will use every opportunity to attack and criticize China, the spokesperson said.

To fulfill the needs of domestic politics, the US has violated rules and procedures and abused multilateral platforms, the spokesperson said, adding that it has disrupted the work of the UN and damaged the atmosphere of cooperation within the Security Council.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. Upholding multilateralism is the consensus of the international community, the spokesperson said. With its actions, the US has proved that it is becoming the biggest disruptor of international order and is pulling the world back to the age of “the law of the jungle”, the spokesperson said.

China is a staunch supporter of the cause of the United Nations and will continue to fulfill its responsibilities and work with other countries in the world to uphold and promote multilateralism, the spokesperson said and will safeguard the international system with the UN at its core and rule-based international order.

CCP’s “foreign ministry” in HKSAR urges US politicians to stop interfering in China’s internal affairs

HONG KONG — The Office of the Commissioner of the Chinese foreign ministry in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on Saturday urged some US politicians to immediately stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and China’s internal affairs as a whole.

A spokesperson of the commissioner’s office expressed strong disapproval of and firm opposition against the groundless remarks by the US politicians about a case still under investigation, which involves Hong Kong residents suspected of illegal border-crossing.

The spokesperson said China is a country under the rule of law. Chinese judicial authorities handle cases in accordance with the law, protect the legitimate rights of criminal suspects, and deal with cases involving the mainland and Hong Kong in strict accordance with the “one country, two systems” principle. The US side has no right to meddle in China’s internal affairs.

The spokesperson pointed out that while the United States is fraught with economic and social challenges, with racial conflict flaring up and COVID-19 infections and deaths remaining high, some American politicians have, however, turned a blind eye to the problems at home and showed unusual “concern” about internal affairs of other countries instead.

“We strongly urge US politicians to abide by international law and the basic norms governing international relations, mind their own business, and immediately stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and China’s internal affairs as a whole,” the spokesperson said.

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