CCP Virus Pandemic Updates Ep226: The CCP is forcing Chinese language classes in Inner Mongolia, and students jumped to their deaths in protest

  1. The Chinese Communist Party is forcing Inner Mongolia to become Sinicized, implementing the policy of extermination of Mongolian culture and abolishing the teaching of Mongolian language, but the Mongolian people protest and refuse to let their children return to school. According to an Mongolian police officer, the CCP is speeding up the arrests of Mongolian people and cracking down the peaceful protests to control this event. The tactics of the CCP were despicable and violent.
  2. The CCP is forcing Chinese language classes in Inner Mongolia, and students jumped to their deaths in protest. And other Mongolian teacher also committed suicide to express their determination to defend Mongolian culture.Meanwhile, the Education Bureau in Inner Mongolia enforces this policy by sending unwilling Mongolian children to school by impersonating their parents and signing their names.
  3. On September 5 in Xupu County, Hunan Province, the rice grains were ready to be harvested, but the flood came first. Everything were washed away. A netizens’s video showed that Hunan was still flooded, but the CCP did not report anything about it, so the harvest was gone and the suffered people had no way to get aids.
  4. September 6, Hong Kong people marched in Kowloon against the Hong Kong National Security Law and demanded the resumption of the Legislative Council elections. They oppose the HK government’s implementation of a health code for resuming customs clearance with the mainland, which would put personal safety and privacy data in jeopardy. The riot police of HK adopted the tactics similar to that of the PLA controlled by the CCP, to forcibly suppress the peaceful march. At least 90 innocent people were arrested at Mong Kok.
  5. (Miles Guo at War room 9/4) The US is the biggest victim of the CCP, whether in the economy, the technology or job loss. But, you look at the Chinese, 1.4 billion people are kept asleep, controlled by 0.0000001, I don’t know how many zeros, only about 10 families, and these big families control the whole of China and keep people asleep. In America, maybe only 10% of people control the entire America and all the assets, right?
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ccp must go to hell, ccp is evil

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take down ccp