September 12, 2020 Weekly News Brief

1.    COVID-19 (CCP Virus)

1.1 Questions concerning the proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2

1.2Could COVID-19 Have Escaped from a Lab?

1.3 COVID vaccine trials at Oxford University suffers setback after participant’s suspected severe adverse reaction

1.4Daughter of early UK coronavirus victim says people have died ‘unnecessarily’ due to China ‘cover-up’

1.5Chinese virologist who fled to the US after claiming Beijing covered up Covid-19 vows to publish evidence PROVING the virus is manmade – and claims even non-scientists will be able to verify the data

1.6China’s vaccine shows military’s growing role in research

Section commentary: The ADE effect (Antibody-Dependent Enhancement) associated with Sars-Cov-2 has not been fully investigated as warned by Dr Limeng Yan a few months ago. Any vaccine race without carefully looking into the ADE effect could potentially turn a vaccine into another biological weapon. We all need to ask the question why HCQ is banned while the vaccine with such high risks are being progressed and promoted throughout media, government and industry? We need to be vigilant in reviewing any proposal by politicians and pharmaceutical companies that are trying to sign off big contracts to roll out such vaccine to its people. These coordinated campaigns are all designed to narrow the options to a vaccine pathway only. Have you figured out what happened now? No more walking in the dark.

2.    Hong Kong

2.1China’s “purification’ of classrooms: A new law erases history, silences teachers and rewrite books

Section commentary: The CCP is turning Hong Kong into one of its mainland cities. History rewritten and voices silenced under the new Law is changing Hong Kong completely. The future generations in Hong Kong are to be brainwashed under the CCP’s dictatorship regime. The Hong Kong people will stand strong till the very last minute to fight for the freedom and the truth. We stand with Hong Kong.

3.    Taiwan

No major development this week but watch this space.

4.    CCP as a Global Threat

4.1Three Decades of Delusion

4.2China hoards resources as trade war and pandemic threaten supply

4.3Why the Australia-China relationship is unravelling faster than we could have imagined

4.4Secretary Pompeo’s Participation in the 10th East Asia Summit Virtual Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

Section commentary: The question we all should be asking is that what evidence, assumption and rationale was used to inform the initial decision by the U.S. for granting the CCP the legitimate ruling status and subsequent entry into WHO? And why no correction whatsoever has been made by the U.S. in the last 30 years when the CCP failed the initial assumption and is clearly derailing from the originally anticipated social-political development trajectory? We really need to get to the bottom of this including global Political and business leaders who knowingly have worked with the CCP to facilitate its malign expansion and domination. We need hold all of them accountable.

5.    The New Federal State of China

5.1 What is The New Federal State Of China?

Section commentary: Miles Guo says “The New Federal State of China is ready to bring freedom, rule of law and democracy for the 1.4billion Chinese people and move forward with the world.” The New Federal State of China has commenced working with the world to take down the CCP and transforms China.

New Federal State Of China
New Federal State Of China

6.    Military and Intelligent Front

6.1Military and Security Developments involving the People’s republic of China

6.2Chinese defense chief to visit PH, meet Lorenzana

Section commentary: The military strategy of the CCP was initially conceived and subsequently developed and implemented in a fairly consistent way with the ultimate objective to displace U.S. superpower for a global domination. The “hide our capabilities and bide our time” foreign policy initiated by Deng Xiaoping was really to keep the military development to a low profile so that its programme and activities can fly under the radar. In another words, the true intention of the CCP has never changed and was inherited through leaders of a number of generations. It is just that Xi happens to be the “brutal” one who dared to use the virus as a show of force. If this CCP-made pandemic couldn’t get you to fight back, nothing will.

7.    Religion Front

No major development this week but watch this space.

8.    Finance and Currency and Economic Front

8.1China wants to decouple from US tech, too

8.2REVEALED: Kamala Harris’s Husband’s Firm Reps Chinese Communist Party-Owned Corporates, Employs Ex-CCP Officials

8.3There’s a ‘real danger’ of China developing separate systems from the rest of the world, expert says

8.4Japan companies line up for ‘China exit’ subsidies to come home

8.5President Trump Threatens China With “Decoupling,” Accuses Biden of Being “Pawn” of Beijing

8.6The U.S. has allowed China to dominate manufacturing for too long

8.7Current Misery to Businesses of Communist China since CCP virus

8.8Countryside fit for a superpower? Inside China’s colossal rural revamp

Section commentary: The decoupling is on its way and it is inevitable. The CCP will be dreaming to create a “mutually exclusive” system from the rest of the world because technologically it is impossible. High-end chips, software, materials, food supplies, just naming a few that the CCP would not be able to “create or manufacture” on its own without accessing and operating on U.S. technology. The ultimate objective for decoupling is not just to bring jobs back to America but to starve the CCP so that a regime change could occur. The costs of decoupling, if any, for American business would be temporary in nature and recoverable once the CCP collapses and the New Federal State of China hold office. The timing is perfect.

9.    Media, Information and Ideology Front

9.1TikTok owner plans to spend billions in Singapore after US ban

Section commentary: The CCP seems to start retracting its global dominance strategy and focus on Asia since many setbacks from around the world. Singapore has been a CCP target for the Southeast Asia, demonstrated by the close ties between the government officials in Singapore and Malaysia with the CCP. Singapore may well become another Hong Kong if it dares to dissent with the CCP. Watch for Singapore.

10.    IP Theft , Espionage and Cyber Security Front

10.1In Defense of U.S. Technology: Countering the New China Syndrome

10.2China accuses U.S. of ‘bullying’ as it touts new global data security push

Section commentary: The military-civil fusion program by the CCP is specifically designed to access sensitive “dual use” technology from the US for advancing its military agenda. Under the current regime, the ultimate owner of any Chinese company is the Chinese Communist Party should it assert its will when needed and as needed. Look at Miles Guo, his 100 trillion RMB worth of assets were illegally taken over by the CCP in a flesh on baseless charge. Over the years Chinese military got used to acquire or steal American technology instead of developing its own. Trying to bring greater scrutiny of Chinese businesses is somewhat missing the target. The sanctioning is to some extend only addressing the symptom. Because scrutiny could only be done at a certain point in time while the conversion of any Chinese company into CCP’s ownership could be done any time afterwards so any scrutiny system can be easily circumvented. Decouple with and deconstruct the CCP is the only way responding to the root cause.

11.    CCP’s Crimes Against Humanity

11.1Chinese ethnic cleansing in inner Mongolia

Section commentary: The CCP is trying to format the entire population both Han Chinese and the other 55 domestic ethnic minority groups into their slaves. Starting with culture distinction and history erase followed by genocide. The concentration camps in Xinjiang and demolition of authentic religion place in Tibet are classic examples of what the CCP has been practicing towards that “mission”. These practices have been used as testing ground for shaping an optimal governance model which has been progressively replicated and scaled up across the vast majority of the country. The Virus has now made its way into international stage affecting over 200 countries and the CCP claimed they are the first came out with a Vaccine. What can you see next?

12.    Assembly of the US “WAR Council”

12.1President, Donald Trump

12.2Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo

12.3National Security Advisor, Robert O’Brien

12.4Federal Bureau of Investigation, Christopher Wray

12.5Department of Justice, William Barr

12.6Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, Peter Navarro

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