One more orphan caused by CCP virus in Hong Kong, Cover-up means murder

Image source: Apple Daily

What the purpose of Whistleblower Movement? It is to save your life and secure your assets. It is to unmask the antihuman nature of the devil CCP. It is an alliance of justice to take down the CCP. It has awakened hundreds of millions of fellow fighters. It has also awakened the United States. The Whistleblower Movement has key information and intelligence that are true and invincible. As early as January 19th this year, the Lude Media was the first one to tell the world that the coronavirus was made in CCP lab. What’s more, it was the first media to notify the world that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) could prevent people from infections and save lives.

However, the Whistleblower Movement’s intelligence that could save lives has not been accepted by the mainstream media, no matter they are in Chinese or English. The so-called leading experts and organizations keep attacking and banning this information relentlessly, which is a sign to illustrate the rampant infiltration of CCP’s BGY force in the whole world.

The CCP virus has resulted in 890,000 tragic deaths in the world. In Hong Kong, the third wave of outbreak in a recent couple of months has costed over 90 lives.

Among them, a middle-aged couple were both tested to be infected and died afterwards. It was told by the doctor that their viral load was not so high, but the virus was suspected to be a mutated strain that killed them by attacking their immune systems.

Ms. Moon, who lost her parents, recalled that on 27th July her father was sent to the hospital first after symptoms of cold and mild unconsciousness. Then her parents were both confirmed with the CCP virus infections. As a close contact, she was tested to be negative. Then, she was sent to the quarantine centre for observation for 14 days. It was totally out of her expectation that both of her parents died from the disease a month later. She didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to them. 

She remembered that the hospital sent her the grievous news that the blood oxygen saturation of her father decreased to a very low level on the afternoon of August 27th. She rushed to the hospital after the phone call on 28th morning, saw her father dying in the ward through the thick cold glass. Four days later, her mother died as well.

Hong Kong has the same medical system as the western world. Hong Kong’s Department of Health and Hospital Authority have been conducting press conferences every 4:30 pm. But after six months, no official or reporter ever even mentioned the life-saving drug HCQ. Do the Hong Kong medical authorities recognize the clinical effect of HCQ or not at all?

If Ms. Moon was a fellow fighter of the Whistleblower Movement or ever payed attention to what’s been happening in the movement, to Dr. Limeng Yan, to War Room Pandemic of Steve Bannon, and to Mr. Miles Guo, she would have known that there was a way that could save the lives of her parents. If the mainstream media reported the truth and defended the values of journalism, she might not become an orphan. The 890,000 innocent people that lost their lives may have a chance to avoid their death.

Author: Hong Kong from Australia Himalaya Farm
Editor & Reviewer: Giselle
Translator: Australia Himalaya Farm Translation Team

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