Serial killer encounters the Angel of Communist elimination

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Recently, a super-heavyweight testifying session to reveal the truth about the Chinese Communist Party virus has been held in secret, driven by the explosive revolution.

Coincidentally, Trump first mentioned the swine flu and other viruses coming from the Chinese Communist Party in his Labor Day speech,and placing it in the context of the “decoupling” of the United States and China.

《LuDe Media》stressed that the key figure in the study of the various viruses mentioned by President Trump was Malik Peiris (also known as “serial killer”) from the University of Hong Kong’s P3 lab. Hereinafter referred Malik Peiris as Malik.

Malik puts Sri Lanka in the spotlight

Malik, a Sri Lankan, was the first person to successfully isolate the SARS coronavirus during the SARS outbreak in 2003, and it was he who discovered the role of antibodies to coronavirus ADE. The achievement of isolating the SARS virus has established Malik’s academic reputation in the field of viruses, particularly coronaviruses.

However, Since April 28, Dr. after Yan Limeng, who works in the same lab as Malik, fled Hong Kong, a series of unusual events have occurred.

Malik suddenly tendered his resignation on May 10, when he had just recently received a multi-million dollars’ research project from the Hong Kong government. Why would such an absolute authority in the scientific community, whose position is still at its peak, suddenly quit?

Amazingly, on May 13, Chairman of Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping made a phone call to the Sri Lankan President and promised $200 million in aid to Sri Lanka. What the heck!

On July 10, Dr. Lemeng Yan gave his first exclusive interview to FOX News, and publicly stated that she has ample evidence that the CCP lied about COVID-19.

On 31 August, perhaps the President of Sri Lanka did not expect to receive a phone call from the United States Secretary of Defense, Mr. Esper, to discuss with Sri Lanka the fight against “epidemic” and international security cooperation. Sri Lanka, a tiny country with only 20 million people, has probably never in its history encountered two world powers, China and the United States, beckoning to it at the same time.

The only one reason why Sri Lanka in the spotlight at this time is Malik.

COVID-19 is Chinese Communist party’s biological weapon (known as CCP Virus)

As we can see from the judicial documents issued by the United States Department of Justice concerning the repatriation of Mr. Miles Guo, the process of obtaining evidence and fact-checking by the intelligence services is indispensable in the United States from secret testimony to the issuance of judicial evidence. Only after mutual verification of evidence between the witnesses and the intelligence services can the charges be substantiated and the case be transferred to the judiciary.

This super heavyweight virus truth testimony, cannot be missing Dr. Limeng Yan. We believe that she has attended many secret hearings since she stepped on American soil on April 28th.

The August 31,《LuDe Media》 mentioned that Malik had made two secret trips to Wuhan in January. As we all know, January was the beginning of the CCP virus outbreak in Wuhan, and then the US and China signed a trade agreement on January 15. Chairman Xi announced that the CCP virus was human-to-human transmission on the 23rd January, and then Wuhan was sealed off. The No. 1 person in the global virus community went to Wuhan twice without being noticed, so why wait until the 23rd to confirm the virus’ human transmission?

On September 7, 《LuDe Media》  reported that U.S. intelligence had evidence that Malik had met with a standing committee member in Shenzhen in early May, and then there was the subsequent resignation.

The CCP released the SARS in 2003, H1N1 flu in 2009, Covid-19 (CCP virus) in 2020, but it is only a tip of the iceberg

Why did President Trump suddenly mention the swine flu in 2009 and other viruses?

Malik was the first to isolate the SARS virus that year (2009). He has established an unshakable position in the field of viruses. The HKU P3 laboratory has been designated as an H5 reference laboratory by the WHO, a global network of collaborators sharing first-hand information about the seed strains of influenza viruses.

As an authority in the field, Malik controls the academic definition of the origin of viruses, the funding of research projects, the selection of partners and contacts, the publication of mainstream articles and the careers of those who publish them.

Dr. Yan’s husband,who is Malik’s chief assistant, also a Sri Lankan, has detailed information about Malik, whom he calls a “serial killer”. Dr. Yan should have obtained extensive evidence of Malik’s collusion with the Chinese Communist Party in the production of various viruses since the 2003 SARS outbreak.

On September 7, 《LuDe Media》  revealed that SARS in 2003, swine flu in 2009, and the current Covid-19  are all biological weapons made by the Chinese Communist Party; the Chinese Communist Party can make viruses in the P2 laboratory, not P3 or P4; the Chinese Communist Party continues to release mutated strains of viruses.

It is consistent with the top-secret document of “13579” of CCP at document mentioned by Mr. Miles Guo at a press conference by Mr. Miles Gou three years ago.

This is an orchestrated war of biological and chemical weapons by the CCP to destroy all of humanity, and if the CCP is not eliminated, new virus will continue to attack the United States until the red flag is planted all over America. The H1N1 and the swine flu killed 12,000 people in the U.S., while the CCP virus (Covid-19) has brought the death toll to nearly 200,000.

The nineteenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack on the United States is approaching, and the total number of people killed or missing on 9/11 is estimated at 2,996, and the Chinese Communist Party’s insidious bio-weapon attack was even more evil and inhumane than Osama bin Laden’s!

The truth of Chinese Communist Party Virus Case will go to trial, as well as the case of the repatriation of Mr. Miles Guo. Does Malik be a tainted witness like Nickie? This case is the key to expediting the conviction of the CCP as terrorism.

News Sources:LuDe Media and Gnews

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