829 Action in Munich, Speeches from Brothers in Arms (6)

Speaker (in Chinese):郭帅,English Translation: Alicia


Hello dear brothers in arms, friends from all over Europe, it is an honor to participate in our global demonstration of the New Federal State of China. Our purpose is to spread the truth of the Whistleblower Movement, the CCP virus and the pro democratic events in HongKong. It is also my mission to record this great historical moment with the camera in my hand.


We would like to tell the European countries that the Chinese Communist Party is the mastermind of this crisis of human existence, and that this virus does not come from nature, it comes from the Chinese Communist Party’s military laboratory, and that this conspiracy against humanity has been planned for many years. Any country in the world that believes the lies of the Chinese Communist Party, no matter how long the partnership has been in existence, will eventually be killed by them after it has become useless, and their aim is to turn everyone on the planet into their slaves, and everyone under the shadow of the Communist Party is at risk of all kinds of death and killing and organ harvesting at any time … 


Europe has been hit heavily by the BGY strategy from the Chinese Communist Party, so it makes sense to march and demonstrate all over Europe. Last month 27th July in Paris, France, and this time in Germany, we still need more of our brothers in arms to bravely participate and speed up the pace of the demise of the Chinese Communist Party, because we really don’t have much time left! We hope that through the continuous demonstrations, we can wake up the European countries, decouple with the Chinese Communist Party in time, and come to the anti-CCP Movement, so as not to give the Chinese Communist Party more opportunities to poison the world and hurt each and every one of us. 


The demonstrations of the brothers in arms around the world can achieve the momentum and effect of the global coalition to destroy the Chinese Communist Party. Let people all over the world know that the Whistleblower Movement is a revolution of justice and truth, it is one of the important forces against the evil Chinese Communist Party. We Chinese and overseas Chinese strongly desire a new China with democracy, freedom and rule of law! 

5:我们要告诉全世界,新中国联邦是未来中国的希望,也将为世界重回和平繁荣做出重要的贡献,让未来新中国和世界共同和谐发展! 最后我衷心的希望,全世界的政府和人民,为了你们的家人和民族的未来,和我们新中国联邦携手共同举起正义之剑、灭了共产党…….!

We would like to tell the world that the New Federal State of China is the hope of future China and will also make an important contribution to the world’s return to peace and prosperity so that the future New China and the world will develop together in harmony! In conclusion, I sincerely hope that the governments and people of the world, for the future of your families and the nations, join hands with the New Federal State of China to raise the sword of justice and take down the Chinese Communist Party.

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2 months ago

ccp must go to hell

灭共52165 新中国联邦

take down ccp

2 months ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !