The Controversial COVID-19 Testings in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Chief Executive, Carrie Lam (under US-sanctions), criticized the boycott effort against COVID-19 testing. Once again, she slammed her opponents as “anti-Central” and “anti-government” on her official Facebook account. Communists’ Liaison Office of Hong Kong and Macau echoed her statement. They accused the “maliciously smearing” of the CCP’s good faith (別有用心者抹黑內地)(反中亂港分子污蔑內地).

Local officials marketed the testing as “voluntary.” However, it drew further skepticism on hidden agendas after senior communist deputies’ overreactions against criticism. The Hong Kong government assigned three communist-influenced companies to carry out the testings. Among them, the Beijing Genomics Institute(BGI Group) remains on the United States sanctions list for coerced DNA collection on the Uyghurs (Liam). 

As a matter of fact, “anti-central(government)” further paved the basis of prosecution under the newly imposed national security law. The Hong Kong government no longer embraces opposing opinions. Democracy is dead to Hong Kong, but the seed of liberty and justice stays under the hearts of Hong Kongers. Today, Hong Kong is on track to become the next Xinjiang. Without decisive countermeasures, the Communist Party of China would turn the world into the next Hong Kong.   

【Author】Anatole Bahin;【Editor】Sierra Harris, Brandon Michales


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(Radio Television Hong Kong is an official propaganda channel for Hong Kong Government. Precautions are encouraged when visiting the link above )

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(Radio Television Hong Kong is an official propaganda channel for Hong Kong Government, Precautions are encouraged when visiting the link above )

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ccp must go to hell

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take down ccp

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CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down the CCP !
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