CCP’s Feng Shui Unrestricted Warfare in Hong Kong

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Feng Shui (literally means wind and water), derived from Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, is an ancient Chinese geomancy. It is applied in the establishment of palaces, tombs, and other dwellings. Feng Shui, known as a form of practice in Xuanxue, a metaphysical post-classical Chinese philosophy from the Six Dynasties (222-589), could be dated back to the Chinese Warring States period. One typical example where Feng Shui is immensely employed is Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, located in Shanxi province. The Mausoleum was built in an auspicious manner with considerable references to feature such as ‘being surrounded by the mountains and waters’, the design of which corresponds to what Feng Shui defines as ‘Di Xia Shui Shang’, meaning ‘earth/ground below, water above’, which is rendered as a proper and good sign.

Due to a plenitude of applications of Xuanxue and Feng Shui in the design of the Mausoleum, there is still a myriad of questions regarding the authentic size of the establishment and how it was designated. Until now as a myth in archaeology, professionals still bewilder at how to open and access to the mausoleum correctly. From this example we could roughly see that the application of Feng Shui is a method ancient emperors believed, of preserving their own inheritances eternally, a strategy for their own benefits, not for the wellness of ordinary people.

As ordinary people we know that the utilization of Feng Shui is almost absent in our daily life, but why it is not forsaken? As a matter of fact the forms of architectures are blueprinted in resemblance of wind and water (Feng Shui), on one hand, to improve the quality of the buildings, and on the other hand to encompass the hearts of Xuexuan, astrology, Wuxing (five elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth, a conceptual scheme used to explain various phenomena) and Bagua (eight symbols: heaven, lake, fire, thunder, wind, water, mountain and ground, used in Taoist cosmology, the interrelations of which are referred to as fundamental of reality). The goal of using Feng Shui in modern architecture is perceived to correlate the buildings and their surroundings to cultivate a special aura that injects additional values to the art.

If good Feng Shui design brings good aura and fortune, then what bad Feng Shui design could bring? A coin bears two sides, so does Feng Shui. The characteristics of Feng Shui demonstrate that it is practically a form of dialectic in classical philosophy: good Feng Shui formulates an excellent composition of surroundings while bad Feng Shui defiles the Mother Nature. It is implied that bad Feng Shui not only contaminates the environment or negatively impacts the wellness of humans, but also violates the balance that already exists in the environment, the fact of which posts a malice to the public health. In a word, good Feng Shui is a blessing but bad Feng Shui a curse. Feng Shui, serving as a double-edged sword, depending on who is using it, could be mastered for good or evil purposes, and this perhaps is the biggest myth of Feng Shui. Based on the aforementioned analyses, let’s delve into some of the mysterious ‘Feng Shui arrangements’ in Hong Kong since its return to China in 1997 and understand whether these arrangements are ‘blessings’ or ‘curses’.

Given a myriad of materials collected, below are the ‘Feng Shui arrangements’ penned by CCP in Hong Kong:

1. Choking the Phoenix: Wisdom Path, Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

This project was completed in 2005. There are 38 pieces of wood pillars with Heart Sutra carved on the surfaces. It was meant to bless Hong Kong, but it was later exposed by Feng Shui professionals that the wood pillars and stones constitute a ‘八’ (‘8’ in Chinese character) serpent pattern, which moulds a disturbing aura to the Feng Shui of Lantau Peak. There has been a legend saying that Lantau Peak is a protection and shelter for Hong Kong, and phoenixes used to dwell in Lantau Peak. This so-called Wisdom Path in fact is constructed to kill the phoenixes in the Peak and suffocate them in the ‘八‘ serpent arrangement, the result of which crucifies the possibility of their resurrections eternally.

2. Heart-stabbing through water gate: West Kowloon Cultural District

This is a land reclamation project from HK government, which is estimated to finish in 2030. Not to mention the enormous amount of ecological contamination to the ocean, part of the finished construction indicates a hostile abuse of ‘Feng Shui’ in the design. Feng Shui professionals point out that there is an extra land with a triangular shape reclaimed, sculpted into a head of a venomous serpent, attempting to suck up the water from the ocean. Due to the fact that the district is located at the heart of Hong Kong, this ill-purposed Feng Shui design is meant to upset, depress and recess Hong Kong economically from water and land.

3. Vicious serpent puffing smoke; three devils ransacking a pearl: in front of the International Finance Centre (IFC)

HK government invested 36 Billion HKD in the construction of Central–Wan Chai Bypass, finished in 2019. Amidst is the additional project that sits in front of IFC, which has drawn an array of questions for its resemblance of a ‘vicious serpent’ puffing smoke. This project performs no practical functionality. However, the design is outlined as the head of a serpent, with vehicles driving out of the tunnels, forging an image of a vicious serpent puffing smoke. Feng Shui professionals believe that this arrangement, adhered with the Hong Kong Observation Wheel, with the serpent-shaped design on top of the tunnels, weaving a pattern of two serpents burgling a pearl. Adjoining is the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre mimicking the shape of a turtle, triggering a ferocious aura of ‘three devils ransacking a pearl’, savaging Hong Kong from peace.  

4. Lantau Tomorrow Vision

This project of land reclamation was forcibly launched by Chief Executive Carrie Lam in 2018. But there has been a formidable social force of boycotting her attempt. Not to mention the contamination to the ocean and disturbing impacts on neighbouring residents, this project is planned with an investment of 6,00 Billion to 1 Trillion HKD to attract the attention of the world. But in reality, it will provoke a series of ecological and immigration issues. Feng Shui professionals indicate that the neighbouring islands are situated in the gate to heaven in Hong Kong. The project is to destruct the gate and abort the flow of good fortune to Hong Kong.

5. Two serpents colliding: Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is open to public on the 24th of October in 2018. It took 9 years and 120 Billion CNY to finish the entire project. Feng Shui professionals point out that the Bridge alters the Feng Shui design of Hong Kong. The Bridge serves as a symbol of CCP’s oppression in Hong Kong, implying a Feng Shui warfare between Hong Kong and CCP. The Pearl River connects Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Huizhou, Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macau together, in an equivalence to the body of a water dragon. But the Bridge shakes the foundation of the water ecology and will lead to the deaths of many in Hong Kong.

Above are inevitable instances of how CCP callously employs Feng Shui to slander, pillage, and eventually destroy Hong Kong. In addition, early documents suggest that at the time of Hong Kong’s return in 1997, projects such as Tsing Ma Bridge, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre both bear the malicious Feng Shui arrangements authored by CCP, which illustrate CCP’s reckless intention to control Hong Kong.

An old saying goes like this: those who practise witchcrafts will be tormented and destroyed by their very own witchcrafts. If one ill-purposefully applies Xuanxue to steal, kill and destroy, abuse human nature and morality, this person will be destroyed by God. In the early years, a coastal area in China was heavily affected by the construction of a highway. A master was invited to break the curse. At the end the chain was indeed broken, but the master passed away slightly afterwards. There is another rumour saying that the master who spelt the curse in Wisdom Path in Lantau Island mysteriously passed away in a landslide accident.

These examples demonstrate God’s punishments on earth because of human’s violations of God’s law. As known to many, Bible already warns people not to practise any forms of witchcrafts. Those who break the law are destined to destruction. In the Bible it is confirmed that the conduct of practising witchcrafts is to worship the devil. Bible also tells us that there are spiritual warfares in heaven corresponding to all battles on earth. It appears to be combats between humans, but there are already spiritual warfares occurring in heaven. Therefore, as humans, we only need to rely on God for victory and there are unfortunately no other ways to win the battles. The conflicts between humans is as a matter of fact a warfare between God and devil. At the end victory belongs to God and those who in God they trust.

From the perspective of Bible, Hong Kong resembles the ancient Jerusalem, because what Hong Kong is experiencing is similar to ancient Jerusalem: besieged and captured by Babylon. After 60 years of exile, the Jews were miraculously released back to their ancestral homeland Jerusalem. During the diaspora the Jews did not abandon their faith in God, but in fact relied more on Him. This lays a significant foundation of Judaism. In modern history Hong Kong has been a centre of the spreading of Gospel in Asia-Pacific. The achievements of Gospel being preached in mainland belong to Hong Kong. God will resurrect Hong Kong from its temporary fall. We will surely behold the rebirth and rise of this Phoenix.

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Written by 越王剑  from  G-Translator/ Authentic Writing Team
Translated by Joyphie
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