829 Action in Munich, Speeches from Brothers in Arms (5)

Speaker: Andreas

Seventy years ago, when people thought communism was just an ideology, it caused hundreds of millions of death in China, in Cambodia, in Soviet Union. Famine and internal purge follow one another, this vicious cycle led to a dead end. Communism resulted in ruthless dictatorship.

With such great expense, the world recognized democracy and free market were the right way to avoid these man-made disasters.

Thirty years ago, When the public thought communism all failed in Europe, it still brought bloodshed in the other end of the world. In Tiananmen square, later in Tibet, and now in Hongkong. It is still the same dictatorship, but aided by greedy bankers and politicians in the west. It is communism 2.0, a hybrid system with communist dictatorship and systematic exploit of labor. This updated version of communism resulted in a superpower we are facing today, CCP in the 21st century.

Made in China is labeled everywhere. But we should know the fact, all the wealth are produced by the hard-working Chinese people, who are exploited by the a bunch of communist cadres, a small group of gangsters. Most of the chinese people are not communists, they love freedom, they want to earn their living in a decent way, just like everyone in the west, like you, like us.

Do not be misled by their propaganda. Whether the communists want to change their faces, naming their policy as perestroika and glasnost, ”political reform” or ”gaigekaifang”. Communism is still communism, with dictatorship and terror. What they care about is always the same: seizing the power and taking all wealth from the common people.

Now, let me remind you. Communism is not the part of history, but reality. Not ideology, but tragedy. And communism is no longer confined in the far east, but comes for all of us, in the west. With the CCP-made coronavirus, the entire world is taken down to the knees.

It is communist dictatorship without border.

The virus could cause illness, not only in our body, but also in our mind. We wear mask for today, because we need to protect ourselves and fight for a future without mask. We want our freedom back.

Later generation might recognize this pandemic as the drive force for a new world order, just like historians taught us the lesson before. But if we can not stand against communism today, the nightmare of communist dictatorship will last long.

We are at the crossroad. We must defeat communism.

We come here with the simple truth, CCP lied, people died. CCP is guilty for this genocide. Regardless of race, gender, nation, ideology, the virus kill people with no mercy. And we should remember, CCP is our common enemy.

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7 months ago

ccp must go to hell

7 months ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down the CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !

灭共52165 新中国联邦

take down ccp

7 months ago

Agree fully to this comment and hope that some of our EU and German Leaders also will read it. On Monday Sep 14 is a virtual China – EU video conference with Merkel and Xi Jinping. 10 days later the EU has China on their agenda and in December, before German EU Leadership expires there shall be the EU -China Top Level Meeting in Leipzig. The big question is, which position will take the EU under leadership of Merkel to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang – Uigures, Huawei, Corona, CCP expansion in South China Sea, protection of IP and equal and… Read more »


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