The Puppet Hong Kong Government will implement the “Health Code” in Hong Kong

Author: MD; Translator: Qiaoyisi123123; Reviewer: Wencheng

On Sept 6, Hong Kong’s Chief Secretary for Administration – Zhang Jianzong announced the “Health Code” will be implemented after the pandemic is under control, and an infection risk notification application is being developed.

The “Health Code” is based on real data, which monitors Hong Kong people by using the big data, in the context of the promulgation of China’s National Security Law and the cruel suppression of peaceful protests. It also makes the HK police’s “law enforcement” towards the targeted persons more precise and easier. This is bound to push the people of HK into a dangerous situation. The CCP has also turned HK into a city of terror, just like the mainland China.

The “Health Code” has nothing to do with health itself. The deceptive nature of the CCP’s saying good words while doing bad things is well inherited by the HK government. The lives of HK people are being ignored. The government has an ulterior motive to force using this code in the name of health.

Carrie Lam and another eleven officials have been sanctioned internationally because of their betraying the privacy rights of HK people and acting as accomplices for the CCP’s regime.

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7 months ago

ccp must go to hell

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take down ccp