Sept.10 Financial News: Germany ends honeymoon with CCP adopting new Indo-Pacific strategy

1,Sep. 8th, according to the National Paulse, A software company identified as “gathering troves of data” on Americans is partnered with CCP-owned technology firm Hisense and retains directors formerly employed by companies such as Huawei that have collaborated with the PLA. The Company In ‘Tens of Millions’ Of American Homes Shares Data With Chinese State-Owned Tech Firm.

2,Germany ends China honeymoon with new Indo-Pacific strategy and will focus instead on stronger partnerships with democracies in the region such as Japan and South Korea to promote the rule of law.

3, Huawei ban puts $26bn at risk for Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. The new U.S. sanctions against Huawei Technologies that take effect on Tuesday threaten to cripple production at a company that suppliers in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea depend upon for parts sales worth tens of billions of dollars annually.

4, According to the China Game Industry Report for January-June 2020, domestic game marketing revenue in January-June 2020 was 139.493 billion yuan, up 22.34% YoY. According to a recent survey of 1,017 respondents conducted by the China Youth Daily Social Survey Center through a questionnaire network, 77.2% of respondents have played video games more frequently this year, and 65.5% have played games more than two hours a day.

5, Sep. 10th, the Narcotics Bureau of the Hong Kong Police arrested 15 People claiming them manipulating the stock price of Next Digital, whose biggest owner is Jimmy Lai.

6,Multiple publicly listed Chinese companies have disclosed instances of what they characterize as accidental stock sales in the last few weeks.

By【Financial and Law Team】

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