829 Action in Munich, Speeches from Brothers in Arms (4)

Speaker: 奥匈大叔

Guten tag! Liebe Münchener, dear friends, 以及爆料革命的战友们. I really appreciate that your city council allowed us to freely gather and protest against Chinese Communist Party at such a lovely plaza. We don’t enjoy such freedom in mainland China, and now in Hong Kong freedom has also been completely ruined. I believe many of you know what has happened in the past year in Hong Kong.

We’re gathering here because we are also witnessing Chinese Communist Party eroding the freedom in the western world. Their evil not only morally but also practically affects you, your family and your country. I remember two years ago, also in the summer, I visited Munich, walking along the Isar river, watching many people freely and blissfully sunbathing. I’m not sure if there are still so many people having sunbath along Isar; if they do, whether they can enjoy the sunny afternoon without any concern. I’m pretty sure people don’t like wearing masks indoors, don’t like lockdown and living in fear. We love having party with friends, traveling, working at office, and so on. The normal life has already gone just like what Stefan Zweig wrote in his book “The world of yesterday”. Different times, same situation. All these should be blamed on CCP. They made the virus, covered up information, and let it spread all over the world. So SARS covid-19’s real name should be CCP virus.

I’m not spreading conspiracy theory or fake news. It’s always easier and politically correct to title someone as conspiracy theorist, because one need not pay for the easy “truth” as the mainstream media respond to the pandemic. I’ll state some facts of the pandemic and the origin of virus. First, regarding CCP’s coverup, it has two main aspects. 1. I believe many have known from various sources that China’s government didn’t inform the world that the virus is human-to-human transmissible until the lockdown of Wuhan. Their CDC actually knew it in late December because there was family cluster. It’s easy for experts to judge what was happening. Moreover, Taiwan CDC warned WHO in early January but their kind warning was ignored, which I believe, was deliberated, because WHO is CCP’s running dog. 2. CCP’s scientist initially uploaded the wrong genome sequence to NIH Genbank database on January 11, which was extremely rare in scientific world. Two days later they replaced the wrong sequence with the correct one because the first oversea case appeared in Thailand. These evidence is open to everyone, and you can check by yourselves. We provided relevant links on our flyers.

The question is why they tried so hard to cover the information, and why not let the world know in the early time? All these suspicions lead to the bigger crime that CCP committed, namely this virus was created by CCP controlled bio lab. In the end of April, Dr. Yan Limeng fled to US from a WHO reference P3 lab based at Hong Kong University. This lab has top coronavirus virologists such as the director Malik Peiris, Leo Poon and so on. Dr. Yan Limeng is a researcher and frontline virologist, having published important papers on Nature, Lancet, and so on. According to her information, the backbone of the SARS covid-19 is from Zhoushan bat virus, discovered and only owned by people’s libration army. The envelope protein of SARS Covid-19 is exactly the same as the one of Zhoushan bat virus. This is the strongest evidence which shows that the virus cannot come from nature. Imagine that someone who has the exactly same fingerprint as you do. Will you think that person was naturally born? More evidence is listed on our flyers. In fact, more and more renowned biologists begin to realise the virus must be engineered. We are gathering here to deliver Dr. Yan’s information and evidence. The virus is man-modified and function-gained. It is a bioweapon. So, we’re actually in an unrestricted warfare with CCP. Think about how many German died, infected; how many people lose their jobs, how unfree your life becomes. All these should be blamed on Chinese Communist Party. We’re ordinary Chinese people and victims of the totalitarian regime, now you also become victims because of that regime. I personally hope, you can have a look at our flyers, and check whether we tell the truth, and give a moment to think how to deal with CCP. Of course, all us are ordinary people who cannot change the world immediately. But we can do a bit. For example, we can spread the information, we can vote for the senates who are tough to CCP. Germany is economically and technologically too involved with CCP, which will harm ordinary German people.

In the end, I want to say, CCP is not China, they cannot represent Chinese. Thank you for your attention and time! God bless Germany!

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