Chinese Media’s lies:“The world is turning against China” is a false illusion

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On September 6, an article named ‘China isolation’ is a seriously wrong impression published in Global Times , a CCP-owned media. As usual with any content published in Chinese media, this article is full of lies and deceptions by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), who controls all media in China. The following is the English translation of the original text along with my commentary.

Many Chinese netizens have asked: ‘How come the whole world is China’s enemy? Why is China so isolated? Most people in the world are criticising us on our handling of Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong issues. On the conflicts at the South China Sea and China-India border, the international media are mostly on the other side. China is facing isolation by the international community than ever.’

Lies #1: Only the US’s closest allies are unfriendly to China

Chief Editor of Global Times, Hu Xijin, wrote that:

There is no basis for such sentiment and that these are just false illusion. According to Hu, the biggest change in China’s diplomacy in the past two or three years has been the fundamental change in the US policy towards China. This shift has brought about major changes among countries who are the US’s closest allies, especially the member countries of the Five Eyes alliance. In addition, the increasing tension at the China-India borders has resulted in India’s aggressive attitude towards China. Other than these factors, there is little change in the state of China’s relations with foreign countries, and the claim of “an isolated China” and said it is unsubstantiated.

Lies #2: China’s relation with other countries is great

Hu added that:

The tension between China and Japan is easing, and that China’s relations with major countries in Europe are also being strengthening. In fact, countries in African, Asian and Latin America regions are becoming friendlier towards China. China has improved its relation with North Korea significantly, and has strengthened its relation with Russia.

The United Nations Human Rights Council carried out extensive discussions on the issues of Xinjiang and Hong Kong. The countries who expressed opposition towards China were the same 20 Western countries, yet the countries who supported China more than doubled the previous group of countries. The number of friendly countries supporting China is not only large, but also larger in total population, making up the real majority of human society. The reason that many people had the illusion that the anti-China voices are all over the world, is that those countries do not have much right to speak on key issues compared to the developed countries.

Lies #3: It is all the Western media’s fault

As the US imposed a whole-of-government pressure on China, American top officials have spread many anti-China rhetoric, these are echoed by countries like the UK, Australia and Canada. These have largely influenced the Western media’s view on China. At the same time, the Western media have mostly sided with India, and when it comes to the conflict at the South China Sea, these media are not friendly to China either. All these factors contributed to the impression by many that “The whole world is against China”, but this is simply not a consistent reflection of the world’s view on China.


Hu’s saying that it is a ‘false illusion’ that the whole world is turning against China, is a desperate attempt by the CCP to tell their citizens to look away from what is now obvious: that China (under the CCP) is increasingly being isolated by the world. 

Many countries that Hu claimed to be ‘friendly’ towards China, are countries who fear China. For example, the African and Asian countries who had signed up for China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ projects have essentially handed over their economic independence to China, therefore are forced to agree with China unconditionally, failing which China will impose economic penalties. Many of these countries are developing nations who cannot afford these penalties.

What Hu will not tell his readers, are the real, contemporary reasons that many countries become unfriendly towards China. These include:

  1. The CCP unleashed the CCP-virus to the world, directly causing what is now more than 900,000 deaths worldwide.
  2. The CCP disrespects international laws, evidently in its illegal pursuit of resources and claims of sovereignty in the South China Sea, directly breaching the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (related to freedom of navigation).
  3. The CCP’s predatory practices of using its economic power to exert power on other nations who disagree with it. For example, the CCP imposes economic sanctions on Australia when Australia raised the need to investigate the origin of the CCP virus.

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Translator and commentator: XO酱

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