Summary of Lu-An-Mo Talk on September 9,2020

By Himalaya Farm Canada 天使在人间

Proofread: Halley Team

President Donald Trump hinted that China may have ‘deliberately’ sent coronavirus to US as well as other viruses. Note that President used the word “plague” which is much worse than virus.

U.S state department website: Trump administration is committed to holding CCP accountable for

Covid-19’s spread in U.S. Note that the CCP is targeted as the one responsible.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s arrival has awakened the U.S. population.

LuDe meet with top administration officials in the White House,  at the same level as the Chinese central committee.

LuDe showed a picture of a bicycle. The Chinese intelligence should know who this belongs to

and what it means.

Steve Bannon is a master, he is one of the members of national security committee, together with Kyle Bass.

The lawsuit  against Steve Bannon is a witch hunt, a political persecution. The President has the right to  pardon  and protect Bannon. The same is true for  Giuliani.

 Giuliani and Bannon are the two major guardians of Whistleblower movement.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan had an 8-hour top secret conference meeting in Washington.  This conference  is of higher importance than the congressional hearing. The most critical thing at the moment is to prove that COVID-19 is a biochemical weapon which Dr. Yan and other top specialists are working on.  Once this is confirmed, the CCP will soon be finished. We are almost there.

Taking down the CCP  requires strength and power. Without  this nobody would like to waste their time on you.

However, Miles Guo, Dr. Yan, and the Whistleblower Movement have been proved to that they have this power.  They have gained the trust of the U.S. people. That’s why Miles have has  connections at the highest levels who can dominate the world. The resources that the Whistleblower Movement is has at their disposal are far beyond the CCP’s imagination. Besidesthat,Miles also has  resources in China which the U.S. does not . That’s why we are useful to the U.S. in this battle to take down CCP.

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Take down the China Communist Party (CCP)
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ccp must go to hell