The Central Committee of the CCP Promulgates “Building the CPC Ordinances in the Armed Forces” – Evidencing that PLA Is the SS of CCP

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On September 9, 2020, the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Central Military Commission approved and promulgated the regulations on “Building the CPC Ordinances in the Armed Forces”. The core ideology is to further strengthen and clarify the party has absolute command of the armed forces in China. The army belongs to the party, and the army must be obedient to the party. This may serve as an evidence that all the armed forces in China including the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is the SS of the CCP.

Here is the report (with English translation):


Beijing, Sept. 9 (Xinhua Net)   The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China have approved and recently promulgated the regulations on “building the CPC ordinances in the armed forces”

 (HEREINAFTER referred to as the ordinances) 


The “Regulations” are thoroughly implementing the socialism ideology with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress from Xi Jinping’s new era and carry out Xi Jinping’s vision on building a strong military.  Following the party constitution as the fundamental principle, implementing these general requirements of party construction in the new era, adhere to the party’s absolute leadership over the armed forces, adhere the comprehensive governing the party strictly, adhere to the focus on preparing to fight a war, the guiding ideology to strengthening the political ideologies within the army, objectives, tasks, and principles, insisting on the party’s absolute leadership of the armed forces, and implementing that the chairman of  the military commission has absolute power, (also, regarding issues of) party’s organization within the army and party’s disciplinary agencies, and the main task of party’s development in the army, the “Ordinances” has laid out the comprehensive regulation for all of the above responsibility system, supervisions, and a guarantee mechanism.  It provides the basic compliance to strengthen the party’s development in the army for the new era.


These “Ordinances” are the backbone party’s internal regulations for comprehensively standardizing party’s development within the armed forces. It is an important to reach this achievement in order to advance the full reformation of military policies and its systems.  It marks a new step into scientific, standardized, and institutionalized way to further developing the party structure in our military. The promulgation and implementation of this “Ordinances” will comprehensively improve the quality of the party leadership and the party’s efficiencies, promoting the military to enhance the “ four consciousness”, strengthen the “four confidence”, achieving “two maintenance”, to carry out the responsibility of chairman of the military commission.  The “Ordinances” provide a strong political guarantee for realizing the party’s goal of strengthening the army and building it to a world-class in the new era.

Read the Xin Hua Net report


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